In each video of this special Planetside 2 mini-series, we will be taking a look at the classes that make up the backbone of any futuristic army. In this episode we will talk about the Medic, the designated healing class of Planetside 2, and the Engineer class, who repairs vehicles and turret installations, gives out ammunition and can place down their own stationary turrets.

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  1. You forget to mention how to use the engineers machineguntower as an ammopack;
    choose the machinegun, press B to change it to an Ammo pack, now you can use the ammopack slot for something else 🙂

  2. THE REALITY: There is no guide. IT is a noobs game. COMBAT is SITUATIONAL. NOT TACTICAL. I soloed 50% of the map on an ATV before because it is SITUATIONAL base capping.
    IF you are medic, your only role is to hide so you dont get banned, and farm points by TK and resurect. That is it. Otherwise it doesnt matter what you do. Even if you rake up 40 kills in teh same place thanks to medic reserection…….unless the situation is in your favor, it is like shooting a wall, the strategy has no value, it is just numbers logged in and moving to base cap, otherwise, guides are uselss, just play how you want; situational outcome is the same


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