SOE has been promising major Planetside 2 performance updates for a long, long time now and I am happy to announce today the developer has made good on those promises. While only part one of their ongoing “Operation: Make Faster Game” project, SOE’s first performance patch released today marks a HUGE increase in playability across the board.

Just how large are these increases? Let’s put them into perspective, shall we? If you couldn’t play above 20 FPS before, chances are you can now play at a steady 40-60 FPS in even the most intense firefights. Did I mention that 40 FPS is on high settings? Even players who were previously averaging 40-50 FPS are now seeing their FPS double. Mind you these performance increases are coming without noticeable decreases to the games graphical fidelity.

Just how did SOE pull off such wizardry? If you’ve been paying attention to the Make Faster Game video diaries, you may already have some idea as to what all went into making this happen. However, PS2’s patch notes do a good job of filling in the blanks:

Refactored game rendering to better utilize multiple CPU cores. The same has been done for UI rendering.
*Optimized the CPU cost of some purely aesthetic physics objects
*Added adaptive complexity levels for physics simulations based on current client performance
*Disabled redundant physics processing between remotely-simulated vehicles
*Improved simulations between complex compound shapes, primarily vehicles
*Sound emitter optimization
*Numerous optimizations have been done to remote character processing to reduce the cost of per-player processing.
*We found that players getting in and out of vehicles was causing some performance issues. This has been addressed and is working as expected, now.
*Audio asset clean-up
*Added a frame rate smoothing option. (This is on by default and trust us, you probably want this. It will make your frame rate smoother and reduce spikes. Your FPS counter will show as lower overall, but that’s not a bad thing.)
*Adjusted the default graphics settings. (If you push Reset to Default, it will set the graphics settings appropriate for your system.)

And that’s just the general performance fixes! Other improvements include animation updates, plugging memory leaks, UI optimizations and more. General, non performance quality of life improvements and bug fixes have also been made, but overall there is too much to list here. For the full patch notes, you’ll want to check out the official patch announcement here.

Have you had a chance to try out the new update? How has your performance been affected?

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. If your getting under 30fps in this game and you have a gfx card say amd 6 or up then you should check your cpu.I have an older pc with a amd 6670hd card ,thats a 3year old card(got for 60bucks back then) i can play on max settings.On a duel core pc..just sayin,But to play arma 3 i play on my other pc a 6core amd with a 7ser gfx card.

  2. After this update I decided to try out this game again and I am getting considerably more FPS. On High Settings I went from around 80-90 FPS to 100-178 FPS, with smoothing on I get a constant 60 FPS.

    i7 960 @ 3.3GHZ
    GTX 560 TI 1GB
    12GB Ram

  3. I have an ASUS laptop i3 ATI mobility Radeon HD5470 1gb, with 8gigs total on the rig. I Could not run the game well at all (mass lag on the lowest settings).
    After the update It runs decent, I have things turned low, but at least not super blurry like it was. It actually plays like it should. I understand I am underspecced and a nicer rig would make this game shine.
    My biggest problem: You can unload all the ammo as a F2P, but all cashers are basically invincible. Populations are low, so you basically have a heated battle in one side as the other side just caps it all.
    It is situational combat game; not strategical. So the situation wins. not “I use this as cover and this hill has an advantage”. No, those battle physics are out the window and “I have a bazooka, you have a rifle, I win” is in. All situational, depends who has what, when and where. To bad, because skiled strategic players are left in Battlefield using commanders and field depthness to the advantages , while the twitch kids are foot troop foddder used to advance the battle in an over all team success (BF 2 and Bad Co 1)….

  4. Not sure if my laptop would run this and I’m really far away from home to even use my desktop 🙁

    Would a GT720M, i5 3230M, 3GB RAM run this at an acceptable framerate?

  5. i could never find anyone to fight in this game. i just ran and ran across huge map then randomly die to someone 50000 miles away

    • Then you should probably try, chances are that it will be playable.

      Also played some earlier today and now getting 80 FPS on high settings IM SO HAPPY XD

    • To be honest, this patch made HIGH setting players run ULTRA, but LOW setting wont be much better. Some of my friends still couldnt get any increase on LOW. Not even 10 fps.


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