Daybreak Game Company is putting the finishing touches on the newest update for PlanetSide 2 today. “Critical Mass” will change how continents lock and add some new versatility to light assault and engineer classes while also reworking the interactions between infantry and vehicles.

As we discussed when the update was first revealed, factions now trigger a continent-wide alert when certain conditions are met. If the faction wins that alert, the continent is locked and the winning soldiers get ISO-4 and cosmetic rewards. The light assault class receives quick-firing Ambusher Jump Jets with this update, while engineers can unlock an AoE Nano-Repair Grenade.

Meanwhile, “Vehicles, infantry, and the way they interact with one another has received a massive rework.” In particular, armor has been greatly simplified, reducing the types of resistances and equalizing tank armor on the front, left, right, and top. Vehicles are generally a bit more durable, while infantry’s ability to damage them at long range has been lessened.

There’s a lot more in this update, which PS2 Twitter says will be implemented today with a patch starting at 3 PM PDT and keeping the game servers down for about three hours. You can pore through all the patch notes on the PlanetSide 2 site.

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