Planetside 2 Kicks Off "Nanite Of The Living Dead" Halloween Event

They’re so punny.

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Planetside 2 Halloween Event

Ahhh, spooky season. Everyone loves you. Especially if they’re game developers looking to give players something to do. In this case, Planetside 2 just kicked off the Nanite of the Living Dead event. Between now and October 31 players must contend with ghosts, floating candles, and the return of SpacePumpkins. Well…in some cases contend with, in other cases, they’ll be taking selfies.

The SpacePumpkins have returned to Sanctuary and players are encouraged to stop by and take a pic to share with the Planetside 2 Twitter account. At the same time, they’re cropping up all over Auraxis and it’s up to players to destroy them and earn XP and progress on the Halloween directive.

Completing the directive will earn players the Creeping Camo, so that’s probably the way to go. Plus, smashing enough pumpkins will unlock a 15-minute special alert featuring a mysterious derelict fleet carrier.

That said, it’s still worth a visit to the Sanctuary, as that’s where players will pick up a mission that will provide more information on the Halloween event. Players can also unlock masks that provide bonus XP when worn at the same time.

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