Rogue Planet Games has brought the colossal Colossus battle tank to the public test servers for PlanetSide 2, but that’s not the only big news that came out of last week’s Twitch stream. The Colossus is a pretty big deal in its own right, though, with the ability to seat five — a driver and four gunners — as well as deploy its own energy shield for additional defense.

Other new stuff that’s now available for players to check out on the test server are the new Outfit Logs, Facility Modules, Merit Deployables, and a pair of new infantry weapons, the NS-66 Punisher with its built-in underbarrel and the NS-6 Thumper SE grenade launcher. The complete patch notes can be found on the PS2 forums.

Even more impressive than all that is player Mentis2K6, who has become the first PlanetSide 2 soldier to rack up one million kills. For his dutiful service, he’ll receive a lifetime membership and a “hidden homage located somewhere on Auraxis.” For the record, I have 2,057 kills on my main, with 280 hours played, so if Mentis2K6 racked up his kills at the same rate (unlikely), it would have taken him about 136,000 hours, or 15.5 years of round-the-clock play (PS2 released in 2012) to achieve that feat.

Finally, the dev team briefly talked about what’s to come in the game, including plans for the next big update after the arrival of the Colossus, including a campaign and mission system and something that will “expand the world and lore of Auraxis in significant ways.” Like, maybe they could get into Mentis2K6’s PTSD after having gunned down a million people.


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