PlanetSide 2 recently got the Bastion Fleet Carrier, a giant air vehicle. So what’s next for the team at Rogue Planet Games? A giant ground vehicle, of course!

Yesterday’s dev livestream revealed a number of in-development assets for PS2, including a new SMG, the NS-66 Punisher, and Facility Modules, which will allow outfits to craft and deploy infrastructure upgrades at allied bases. Another cool feature coming for outfits is a log system, which will let members see the history and activity of their outfit, including enlistments, promotions/demotions, and other information.

But the (literally) big news from the stream was the reveal of the Colossus tank, a five-seater that dwarfs previous heavy tanks. Its primary cannon can be charged to unleash a massive armor-piercing shell and it has four additional gun emplacements for close-quarters defense.

All of these new features are scheduled to be dropped in the next update, coming in early June. Prior to that will be a celebration of PlanetSide’s 17th anniversary on May 20. Learn more about the Colossus and the rest of the upcoming content on the PS2 site.


  1. so they finally used that ion cannon that was in the test server a year ago.. Tho it was more funny with it being on a vanguard body.


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