The much-balleyhooed and often-delayed Escalation update for PlanetSide 2 finally has a launch date — and this time, Daybreak and Rogue Planet Games really mean it!

In a letter to fans today, Executive Producer Andy Sites revealed the “go” date as March 11, calling Escalation “one of the biggest PlanetSide 2 updates we’ve done since launch back in 2012” and re-iterating the desire to “set the tone in terms of quality for all future updates” for the newly formed Rogue Planet Games. With that out of the way, some members of the dev team have already started working on the game’s next update, some details of which will be revealed in a dev livestream in late March or early April.

Aside from the big new features coming in Escalation, which we covered in our interview with Sites and Wrel a few weeks back, Escalation will allow members of “leaderless” outfits — those with leaders that haven’t logged on the last 180 days — to submit a ticket to have leadership assigned to a new member. EU regional servers will be moving to a new data center just before the update, while the NA east coast server, Emerald, will experience downtime on March 18 as new upgrades are implemented.


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