Rogue Planet Games has just released a new iteration of PlanetSide 2‘s Outfit Wars, a three-team 48v48v48 smackdown for honor, glory, and rewards that were introduced in last year’s Escalation update. The major change is to the qualification process, which sees all competing outfits doing battle on the Desolation asteroid map, with the top outfits from each faction going on to the playoffs.

Once a match starts, outfits compete to capture 12 available relics, with each captured relic awarding a point every 10 seconds. The first team to reach 750 points is declared the winner, with second and third place going to the next two teams at the time of the match end.

Outfits that can fill a 48-member squad can compete in weekly qualifying matches, scoring points based on their performance. At the end of the qualifiers, the top six outfits from each faction will advance to the playoffs, which consist of three weekly rounds, with the last-place outfits being eliminated after each match. The top three outfits from each faction (nine total per server region) will then face-off in a series of medal matches to determine the champions.

Rogue Planet is hopeful that this new approach will allow Outfit Wars to be “more participatory, less disruptive to the main game, and ultimately allow every enlisted player the opportunity to battle it out on Desolation.”

Learn more about PlanetSide 2’s new Outfit Wars via last month’s blog post describing the system or yesterday’s patch notes on the update, which also include details on some of the Valentine’s Day items you can find in the shop and other game updates, such as new Burning Resistance for infantry and new weapons for NC MAX suits.


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