Hey, no one said you were going to be able to play Blade and Soul for free in the West and have it localized in English simultaneously. In fact, while we do know Blade and Soul is destined for English speaking markets, NCSoft has yet to say what payment model the MMO will adopt.

Until earlier this year, it was expected that NCSoft would most likely pursue a B2P or even P2P model for Blade and Soul. Talks of F2P were on everyone’s minds, but other options were being considered just as heavily if not more. So it was a bit surprising when Chinese publisher Tencent announced the localized Chinese version of Blade and Soul would be Free-to-Play, complete with an in-game cash shop.

Now as confirmed by Steparu, Tencent is poised to kick off the Chinese Open Beta for Blade and Soul without an IP block. Starting tomorrow November 23rd, players can download the Chinese Blade and Soul client in order to participate in the MMO’s early character creation event. Then on the 28th, players may login and enjoy Blade and Soul completely free, just in Chinese

If you aren’t fluent in Mandarin, Steparu has you covered with links to guides on how to create an account, improve latency, and navigate your way through this incredibly fluid Martial Arts MMO.

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  1. if u want to download the game and create a account easy go to youtube and search: Roblezvids then u go to my channel and look on how to download and create a account in blade and soul! just a tip ;)!

  2. Meh, NCsoft bought it how long ago, again? Theres already an old server with like 1k ppl playing there and NCsoft cant even manage to fully release the game, even in chinese… Trust me, i played till 56 lvl and theres nothing special about this one, it may look fancy, it indeed does, but it’ll get boring fast. 🙂

  3. this is rilly hard for me to get in but I finally did it I have to say they better make a English one soon because I can easily see their severs being crashed with English player luckly I have a QQ number and I can log on but I am currently in the us so my ping is like 202 witch is bad

  4. There’s a private server or two for B&S. At least there was…roughly translated to English too.
    Pretty fun game, but not anywhere near as good as I imagined.

  5. alot of english players are paying at the korean version and they are alrdy max leveled and knows what the end content will be so i highly doubt NA version will be p2p cause those english players will not come back espeacily when ncsoft said they would change the game for western audience

  6. Ok so I’m obviously gonna try it even though it’s in Chinese 😀 I can’t wait though when NCSOFT is going to release it, just please don’t be sub-fee.

  7. you guys can check mmosite.com…for everything you need for this game (this includes creating a Tencent account to play this game).

  8. With the fact that NcsoftWest had layoffs, threw this aside just to work on Wildstar AND hasn’t given any update on BnS whatsoever ever since DECEMBER 5 LAST YEAR(thats almost a year from now) I highly doubt they’ll make it P2p let alone B2p now that CN has it up in f2p.
    Quite a number of people were expecting at least the CBT of BnS to be THIS YEAR but apparently NcsoftWest who cant manage their sh!t properly leaving no update on the status of the game had to kill it and not even respond to anything. IMHO they should just drop it and let some other company publish it instead putting it aside of leaving us in the dark.

    ~ just some one passing by leaving a rant though i bet someone will just mark this as spam

    • Umm you’re an idiot? NCSOFT does not have ONE TEAM to work on a game? Carbine Studios is working on a Wildstar and Team BLOODLUST is working on Blade&Souls.

      • Wow the first sentence was unnecessary. Obviously i know Ncsoft doesn’t only have 1 team.
        The problem was what might of happened with that team(hence i mentioned the layoffs) and why we were left in the dark while they have another team active. Im not the kind of person who’d hate on wildstar because i haven’t tried it. I just don’t like the fact that “NCsoft” hasn’t given any status update since almost a year ago and has another team actively working on another game like nothing ever happened.

        That mostly sounds like BS to you but yea.

        • I know I’ve said that on forums/mmorpg that I hate the fact that they haven’t given us ANY update since last year. NOTHING. This is so annoying it’s like blue balling a guy , get him excited and then just leave him.

  9. NCsoft is likely to adopt f2p as well, especially now that we have Chinese version f2p, if NCsoft goes for p2p no1 will play there anyway since they can just go play Chinese then.
    EU publisher, however… depending on who it is (god’s i hope not gameforge) may go p2p or even more likely p2w. In which case i’ll stick with NCsoft.. well boys and gals.. we shall see how the story unfolds.


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