It may seem like this week’s free Epic Games offering are on different ends of the gaming spectrum, but they do have chaos in common. The first is a bullet hell game set in Hell, titled Hell is Other Demons. The game is pretty much what it says on the box — if there were a box. The platform shooter features rougelite elements and takes place in a world filled with demons. Players can also look forward to insane boss fights and a “heavy synthwave soundtrack.”

The second game up this week is Overcooked! 2. That’s right. If you didn’t get enough of the first Overcooked!, there’s more. Once again, players can take on the role of chefs in the Onion Kingdom and attempt to work together in couch or online co-op in an attempt to save the world. Overcooked! 2 introduces a whole new map that players will be able to explore, not just via land, but also sea and air. It also adds new themes like sushi restaurants, magic schools, and alien planets.


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