Astronomcial Games, developer of EverEmber Online announced that they are working on a new entry in the EverEmber lineup. Titled EverEmber Reborn, the new project is an openworld sandbox game.

Although they didn’t offer any information beyond the title — and the fact that the game is currently in the pre-alpha stage of development — they did announce something else. Prior to release of EverEmber Reborn, the company will be re-launching EverEmber Online. This new version of the game fixes the issues that plagued the game on its first launch three years ago and adds a housing system, mounts, new quests, and more.

The game’s re-release is kicking off with a stress test — to avoid all those tricky issues they had before. An official start date hasn’t been given for the beta launch, although the developer does say it will be during Thanksgiving week. So, sometime around November 22nd for those of you not in the US.

To check out the current game, as well as keep tabs on EverEmber Reborn, pop over to the EverEmber site.


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