Defiance 2050‘s Closed Beta has come to an end, and Trion has gathered a lots of helpful data from testers via all the usual outlets — social media, surveys… You know the drill.

Of course, the Defiance team decided to share the obligatory fun data points with players in its Closed Beta wrap-up post. As it turns out, players really hate Hellbugs — or they really like killing them. According to the post, players killed more than 3.5 million of the big bugs, and an even higher number of mutants (nearly 5 million in fact.) This endless blood bath took place during more than 136,000 hours of cumulative gameplay.

There are other fun data points as well:

  • 213,519 Total Levels Gained
  • 68,305 Completions of the Chaos Reigns Mission
  • 420 Ark Hunters Reached Max Level 25 in Beta (420 top Beta Blazers, who’d have guessed)
  • 37 Hours was the Longest Session Playtime from a Player

More beta dates are on the way. However, as they have not been revealed yet, the dev team urges players to keep an eye out for announcements on the game’s forums, Twitter, and Facebook page.

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