POE Returns "Improved" Mayhem, Endless Delve, And Delirium Everywhere Events In November Ahead Of Expansion

Each event will run at different times throughout the next month.

Anthony Jones
By Anthony Jones, News Editor Posted:

POE November Events

As the 3.20 expansion gets closer, Path of Exile players will see a selection of returning events that Grinding Gear Games have "improved" for different types of fans. With those adjustments, players can earn microtransaction prizes for reaching certain level thresholds and one guaranteed Kalandra Mystery Box per account when hitting level 50 in any event.

All events will be accessible for PC and console players and have Standard, Standard Solo Self-Found, Hardcore, and Hardcore Solo Self-Found versions. However, Endless Delve will not have Standard and Hardcore. Regardless, Grinding Gear "aimed for some variety between [every] event to cater to many different types of players."

Mayhem (November 4) runs for ten days and will mesh well with players who love "chaos and action," Endless Delve (November 14) goes on for a week and simulates "a fairly novel way" to play POE, and Delirium Everywhere (November 21) introduces "a more challenging experience" for a week, too.

Grinding Gear has adjusted these events with Delirium Everywhere having better "scaling for lower level areas." For reaching at least level 50 in any event, fans will win one guaranteed Kalandra Mystery Box per account, giving players the freedom to choose which event they'd like to do since you can only get one across all three events.

Fans will also receive pools of microtransaction prizes randomly drawn for characters that reach certain level thresholds between 60-95. Each event has a different prize pool, so fans benefit from contributing to all events for unique character effects, armor packs, portals, and more.

You can learn more about the specific details and rewards by going over the three events on the POE website.

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