We’ve known that Carbine Studios intended to implement a Loyalty type system pretty much from the moment they announced that their MMORPG, WildStar, would convert to a free to play model. We knew that purchases would net you points and these points would be retroactive for all players that have ever spent money in the game and would carry forward with any new purchases made when the game actually goes free to play.

Now we get a bit more information from Carbine on exactly how many Loyalty points certain purchases are worth and what the reward tiers look like.

There will be 6 “Cosmic” tiers in all, with Carbine detailing the contents of the first three tiers. Each tier has 4 reward markers. For instance, Cosmic Tier 1 pays out rewards at 1000, 2,000, 3,000, and 4,000 points respectively. Cosmic Tier 1 does payout with a few costumes and pets, but more importantly, the tier can be used to unlock Full Guild Access, Full Circle Access, and Full Warparty Access as well as a discount on “Wake Here” when you die.

The full list of what certain purchases are worth and how many points are needed to meet each tier can be found here, but to give you an idea subscribing for a month nets you 3,000 points for each 30 day time card and CREDD purchases are worth 4,000 points (redeeming them is worth 1,000 points.)

If you watch the Free to Play Cast, you may be asking what 11 box purchases gets me since I went a bit wild when Carbine ran the Mystery Box Promotion. Here’s the breakdown of all of my WildStar purchases:

  • 1 Digital Deluxe Pre-purchase – 15,000 points
  • 10 Standard Box Purchases (12,000 points each) – 120,000 points
  • 2 Months of subscription, 30 days at a time (3,000 points each) – 6,000 points
  • 4 CREDD Purchased, non redeemed (4,000 points each) – 16,000 points
  • My total day one Loyalty should be 157,000 points. Since Cosmic Tier 3 caps out at rewards for 24,000 points, I’ll have to sit and wait on what I’ll be entitled to in tiers 4-6.

    Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


    1. Fans who joined after launch or before June 15 will receive a selection of the aforementioned items. Carbine will reveal more about its Loyalty Program and free-to-play business model in the coming weeks and months.

    2. It was a decent game. Fun addicting combat. But they really would’ve went buy-to-play instead of this tiered f2p bullshit. This has grind written all over it. I hate any barriers that discriminate those who pay and those who don’t. Paying for stuff should be relegated to the realm of cosmetics. B2p would’ve been a much smarter choice. I definitely will not be coming back to wildstar and i used to be a subscriber.

    3. Going to keep this simple head over to wildstarcore “read” over the write out they did for f2p. Also take a minute to read the f2p FAQ on the wildstar home page I mean “read it” all I’m seeing in these comments are people that clearly haven’t taken the time to read the information provided. after you have taken the time to read everything I’m sure that you may rethink some of the above comments 🙂

    4. for those who says “free to play restrictions” you can BUY 30 days of gameplay by just farming gold… also with the loyal system, also they drop in GAME currency so you can unlock the perks for your account
      people should READ before start saying shit about the F2P system of wildstar

    5. Just hurry up wildstar and open your free to play model instead of restricting players to it. you had ample time to test the waters before to test gameplay aspect but a closed beta to test free to play is ridiculous. You won’t get a progressive result by limited variables, it’s better just to open the gosh darn thing and work out the kinks with a limitless amount of opportunity for problem that arise due the to the free to play players entering. A majority consensus is better then a small group consensus your players and new players prospective. Also Basically saying your doing a closed Beta for free to play just also shows you want to extend the time of limited opportunity not allowing ppl to this game is already off putting to individuals midly interested to playing your game. Which shows hints of P2W which won’t go out nicely for your company.

    6. no matter how good a game i cant get behind locking players out from full access to guilds just cause they don’t wanna pay real money for a game tht sucked enuf to go f2p

      • actually, from what they say in their faq is that all those restrictions (to party, guild, circles and whatever) can be lifted simply by using loyalty points… in theory you can lift these annoying restrictions by just playing the game

        how the loyalty will work and how much it will cost is the problem


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