Perfect World Entertainment is bringing their flagship IP to mobile devices in a vertical format that allows the game to be played with a single hand — leaving your other hand free for important stuff like snacks. Titled Perfect World: Revolution, the game will feature 7 classes at launch in addition to a full MMO world.

Players can now pre-register for the game on both the iOS App Store and Google Play via the game’s website. Doing so will earn the player the Fashionable Dress: Wanderer reward. Perfect World is also running a full registration campaign, in which players will receive additional items when registrations the 200, 400, 600, and 800k milestones as well as an extra reward for hitting an (obviously higher) undesignated milestone.


  1. Talking pc version here:
    The thing that’s blows my mind here is……….a perfect world began life as the one of best mmo games graphically for that 3mths or so time and here they are still alive but graphically stuck in the past.

    • DEVS:
      I’d like to add games should not become immortalized in the past, games like wow for instance are great but they should move on with the 2021 and onward tech! and keep there games advanced to now. it’s ok to leave a game in its same state and allow nostalgic play, but at least show your here now buy upgrading to TODAY.
      cheers I know its impossible right lol


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