Nival’s castle-building (and castle-crashing) MOBA, Prime World, is now open for business! The game launched yesterday, kicking off the festivities with triple silver and increased resources, perfect for getting the jump start on your competition.

The game launches with an impressive 68 characters, split between two factions, the Imperium and the Keepers, with each character having an equivalent opposing character. Looking over the character images, it would appear that women in both factions are forbidden from wearing pants. What better way to attract a male counterpart — which actually has an in-game advantage? “A mortally wounded female hero becomes impervious to any damage for a limited period of time, when next to a male player’s character.” My hero!

Other than the romantic implications, what sets the game apart from other MOBAs is the castle system, which opens up economic options and provides a kind of persistent gameplay that goes beyond the basic matches. Different game modes are also available at different times, providing some welcome variety to the grind.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Another generic moba, very boring vs other mobas, classes are same, everything is shit there, cant believe someone playing this piece of crap!

  2. I’ve played it once a year ago, right after installed and then couldnt run it again cuz some errors and missing files… though forum can help but it had 10-20 new posts about game crashing, running issues and more every day… so i deleted it ^^

    Battles are loong, boring and unbalanced… sometimes ppl alt-F4 half way (if they didnt crash before at loading match) and when game was still running i couldn’t finish it fast even when there was no players because defence towers counterpush alone whole army D:

    RIP plox

  3. Honestly, this was the first MOBA I actually tried at, had tons of fun too. Shame you always got screwed over though facing pre-made teams, with a stupidly high ranking, and for the most part, the players with the most cash could essentially win.

    Prime World actually has an overall good concept with their game modes, but just a BS matchmaking system. I understand a lot of it is simply due to the population issues, but had it been released on steam earlier, like myself, and others were suggesting during it’s Closed Beta, stages. The game could have made some type of “Early Access” on steam, and had a greater population.

    They could also balance out the game by downgrading skills of higher ranked players, such as if their team is facing “X” rank players, their skills get dropped down accordingly to orange, blue, green, or white. Instead of their skills remaining Orange VS White.

    Overall, the game has a great concept, but until they fix their stuff, I’m afraid it’s doomed.

    • It would take an entire rework of the Talent system and what characters you can get at certain levels for Prime World to come into balance.

  4. I wonder why the devs are still continuing this project, they should read a lot of turn down review from user/customer on the steam site. Open your eyes dev. wiwiwiw no hurt feelings.

    • Yeah, they should have dropped this game a long time ago and focused entirely on Blitzkrieg 3. But I guess they want to get at least some profit out of it first.


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