Bitter cold and powerful bestias await only the most fearless players in Prius Online’s newly unveiled update – Stronghold of the North.  With an extended level cap, the addition of a completely new region to an already far-reaching world, and three entirely new dungeons, this expansion will begin challenging Prius’ chosen warriors on October 26 th.

The lush jungles and harsh flames of Prius’ central continent are nothing compared to the unbearable cold of the northern expanse.  Stronghold of the North extends the world map, adding several new zones and the great fortress of Himes, a major hub for those searching for more challenging monsters or the rarest herbs and ores.  To combat these new trials and prepare adventurers for the bestias that roam behind the battlements, the level cap will be increased to from 60 to 70.  To further complement this, 500 new quests will be scattered throughout Prius for all players to enjoy.

The snowy biome will also be the gateway to three new dungeons, each with its own unique design and perils.  These dungeons – Regna Castrum, Void Tower, and Lake Garden – have been specifically designed to be far more complex than any others to date.  Players must be sure to avoid underestimating the dangers that wait, lest they miss out on the valuable new items hidden inside.

Learn more about the forthcoming update and other Prius news by visiting the official Prius Online website at:


  1. like prius is kind of a good game the bed thing about is that prius you take very long to get in a mission. is the same priblem of Perfect World.

    • Really nice job!I think the small green orcish’s aoniatimn is a bit annoying after while (and they move slowly).Other than that its REALLY COOL!


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