Producer Letter Addresses ArcheAge's Auroria Angst

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:


ArcheAge Producer Victoria "FireCait" posted a lengthy letter to the fans on the game's forums today, most of which dealt with the less-than-stellar launch of Auroria to the game's servers earlier this week.

As many players are aware, a bug caused many players to disconnect, thus hampering them in the land rush on the new continent, and there were a number of illegitimate third-party programs also scooping up land. While the second part is seemingly under control -- there were "under 20 people" who claimed more land than was reasonable and Trion's measures have seen that "the two biggest 3rd party programs were taken offline" -- the other issue was impossible to detect before it went live.

Because of the game's general complexity, Trion's not able to roll back servers to make up for the bug that prevented people from claiming the land they wanted. FireCait offers profuse apologies for the error and insists that her team will do better in the future, and that a Public Test Server is a top priority.

Everyone's got their "last straw," and the Auroria disaster was probably that for a lot of players who were looking forward to the new area after the game's rocky launch. Are you still sticking with ArcheAge?

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Discussion (16)

Sadako 8 years ago
Random Bans still ongoing... Don't play this game

ama8o8 8 years ago
What did we expect anyway? this game doesnt do well in korea so why would it do well here LOL

Android 8 years ago
Game crowded with rushit scammers and cheaters, goldsellers, game also looks like in alpha and its a runes of magic clone with few new elements, brainless quests, repetetive boring dailies, another generic asian crap with very poor trion stuff, ppl who cant fight scammers, cheaters goldesellers, game have tonns of bugs, i never saw any positive post about this game anywhere, this game is for people who like to work 2nd job after they come home, tonns of sicks siting in auction house and reselling stuff, others doing repetetive super boring trade runs, peasants growing stuff, its another job

Never again 8 years ago
Also, the only thing i don't regret buying into this game, was that i made a 40 buck profit selling my account on EpicNPC. That saved me the headache this game gave me.

Never again 8 years ago
Lol. I'm not surprised this happened. I'm actually surprised that people are SURPRISED! Come on, you saw the launch of this game and the progress that was made all the way to the announcement of the expansion. How could you not tell that it was going to be this bad. I actually thought it was going to be worst. Way to many scammers, hackers, cheaters, HORRIBLE community much like LoL community.

I played all the way to 50, had silver founders pack and all 3 pces of land. The game mechanics are horrible and you basically have to give up your life to do anything fulfilling in this game. It is WAY too time consuming. If your looking for that hardcore no life no job stay with mom kinda MMO, this game is for you. If you have a family, a job, STAY FAR AWAY , you will get no where in this game ESPECIALLY without land, tons of gold for labor pots (once your out of labor, dont expect to do anything in this game, log out unless your fully decked out gear and not get 1-3 shot in arena pvp.)

Slammu 8 years ago
Only hitting level 27 here is my impression of the game as a F2P player. Before I quit.
- Can't use auction house (So no real way to make money, you will be dirt poor during your leveling and crafting will only really benefit you unless you spam in chat what your selling)
- You gain only 5 labor every 10 min and none offline. ( Good luck getting enough labor to do ANYTHING, Your crafting, gathering will be severely affected, You'll see what I mean)
Now the game centers on crafting and using the auction house pretty hard, so as a F2P you won't be getting much done without buying in game "licenses" and Patron status off other people.
It can be done, but as a F2Player you will be breaking an arm and a leg making this game work for you.
The community is pretty terrible, people are always scamming other people out of their items everyday I log in and read the Nation and Faction chat. More so then the average MMO. Not to mention when your not reading people whine, there is a good amount of gold spammers to fill in the silence of the chat.
I'll just keep it short and sweet, I think this land grab issue should be the least of the games concern. The game mechanics are terrible, the quests will bore you to death, and unless your subbing, don't even bother. But there is a million other better games you can spend your money on. Once the hype dwindles down this game will barely be able to keep their servers up, especially when a new MMO rolls around. I'll be going back to Final Fantasy 14, at least it was consistent. This is purely my OPINION.

Allwynd 8 years ago
I played till level 36 and quit - i felt like i was doing the same things over and over again, the weapon sounds still ring in my head, damn they were awfully annoying. Not to mention the constant loading screens that take forever.

I'm back to World of Warcraft, at least there i know why am wasting my time.

er0s11 8 years ago
Complete waste of time. My account was banned for some latency issues, and when I appealed, Trion offered a list of "Dont do's". Thanks for the awesome explanation and service. I done with the game and the company.

Le9gagArmy 8 years ago
I don't understand why people jizz allover the idea of player housing. Its a fucking waste of time. There is literally nothing to do in a retarded player house. You build it and its just there. Its a waste of time. You should spend time in a game actually playing said game, not sitting in an imaginary house.

Kurisama 8 years ago
Nope, I'm totally done. Waste of time game....TAB TARGET RAGE.!

runing11 8 years ago
Even though Trion was not careful with the expansion, the game is still playable. I do not think that it was their fault alone because even if there were third party programs, that does not mean that they just published the expansion and they purposely let the exploit happen knowing it would affect them. Also, people make mistakes, even though there were mistakes before this one, they were all unexpected. This one was obvious, but not obvious enough to be prevented.

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Leon 8 years ago
The game was bigger then they thought it would be, so they were caught unprepared. The impression I was given was that they were out of their league, and this translated into the issues that they have today. Unfortunately, for me it was enough to put be off the game. And ultimately, play something else.

Well 8 years ago
Trion could stop ruining their image with ArcheAge, and focus on a new project or Rift.

ArcheAge is a failure, poorly translated, trade is ridiculous, many bots, hacks and exhausting system as "farmvillle".

Sadly, they are becoming a company that just wants to have more games and has no proper support, and lack of quality.

Zhao Yun 8 years ago
So much hype before this game came out and now look where it is.I am just so dissapointed and also i believe they SHOULD have had a public test server a lot sooner if they intended to bring new content in the game.

NobleNerd 8 years ago
I quit before this last issue(s), but after checking it out myself (in game) and talking with friends still playing I doubt I will ever come back to such a poorly run and implemented game!!!!

They should have never released this patch/expansion without testing it on a test realm and closing all the hacks, 3rd party exploits, etc associated with land grabs.

Trion can't blame XL Games for this mess up either! AND now, they try to apologize in hopes to keep people after such an epic fail!? Trust has been completely broken for me.

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