The updates for Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Knights of the Fallen Empire story keep chugging along, with the next, Profit and Plunder, scheduled to go live early next month, bringing with it the usual subscriber bonus goodies.

In Profit and Plunder, the Outlander will team up with a bounty hunter and a Twi’lek pirate to plunder the Eternal Emperor’s treasure vault, which, if real-world economics are any indication, won’t have any effect on the Empire’s war machine but will be a devastating blow to public works projects and Imperial troopers’ pension funds.

Determined players can also take a crack at the Eternal Championship challenge, taking on a series of 10 bosses of increasing difficulty. Surviving this gauntlet gives you the chance to recruit the Wookiee gladiatorial champion Bowdaar to your alliance.

As usual, players subscribed to SWTOR by the start of the month will receive extra loot, this month coming in the form of an HK-55-themed ship droid companion. You can keep up with all the KotFE updates on the SWTOR web site.

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