Rogue Planet Games and Daybreak Game Company is celebrating 19 years of PlanetSide with … well, a relatively minor event in PlanetSide 2, if we’re being honest, and even the devs agree. I suppose “19” isn’t one of those big anniversaries where you tend to roll out the huge prizes and all the other bells and whistles. Maybe that will come next year, when the PlanetSide franchise hits the big two-oh.

In any case, you can receive double experience from today until May 23. Some older gear is also returning to the Depot, like the NS Scorpion rocket launcher and a gold-trimmed gold-trimmed NS-66 Punisher. The Bending Bundle also returns to the Depot for 2499 DBC, and it’s got armor and helmet cosmetics for all three factions, as well as the PS1-AV Suppressor submachine gun.

Rogue Planet admits that it’s a “smallish update,” with the “big NSOverhaul update being slated for the next major release.” In particular, the tech developed for the Scorpion’s airburst effect “gives us a lot of room to do cool things with in the future.” Considering how huge some of PS2’s updates have been in the past, maybe it’s fine to give them the benefit of the doubt for the size of this one and hope for bigger and better in the future.


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