Paradox Interactive and Triumph Studios’ empire-builder Age of Wonders III is available for free on Steam this weekend, until Monday, July 15. It’s being given away to build up hype for the Age of Wonders: Planetfall Premium Edition, which launches on Aug. 6, and anyone who takes advantage of this free offer will get 10% off that game.

In Age of Wonders III, you’ll choose from one of six RPG-style classes and ally with various fantasy races to build your civilization from the ground up. Battles use a “detailed 3D turn-based Tactical Combat System” and you can play single-player or multiplayer with up to seven other players. It’s got an overall 79% positive rating on Steam, though its player numbers have been on the low side — with a significant bump coming the past few days, of course.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall looks like the sci-fi version of the game, with many of the same elements and ideas. Its player factions, however, sound much cooler. Who wouldn’t want to play as “dinosaur-riding Amazons and the cyborg-zombies of the Assembly”? Beats the heck out of “elves and orcs” any day!


  1. Beats elves and ogers? Not really just changes the skin. Elves and ogers are great, just depends on implimentation


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