As of today you can play parts of Hitman 3 for free thanks to the free starter pack. The reason we’re saying “parts” here is that the pack will offer players access to specific levels of the game on a rotating basis. The only level that will remain fixed is the ICA Facility training level. The other level, currently available through April 5, is the Dubai location.

This deal is available on most consoles (Switch excluded) as well as PC via the EGS. It’s also available on Stadia, without the Stadia Pro subscription. Of course, if you care about 4K, you will have to subscribe.

As time goes on, Io interactive will rotate through additional Hitman content. This may include a whole level or a single Elusive Target. It can even include content from the first two games in the trilogy. For example, Hitman 2’s ‘Nightcall’ mission is currently available. Either way, interested players will want to check in regularly to see what’s new.

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