Lovers of free stuff! I’ve got some interesting news for you. Secret World Legends is giving players who link their social accounts — Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus to their SWL accounts via the game’s site.

There are four items available, one for each of the networks. You can see them in the image above. For the most part they’re costumes and those do differ based on your character’s gender. Just a note… The male Facebook cowboy outfit is really, REALLY pink. Barring the cowboy outfit the costumes seem rather fitting for each of the networks. Twitter is a blue bird, Twitch is a purple onesie with chat bubbles and Google Plus is a mummy… totally appropriate when you consider just how “alive” that particular network is.

To get the items, you’ll just need to log into your Secret World Legends account via the site. Those using Steam will also need to log into it via the site. Then simply click the icons for each of them — shown in the image here — and follow the instructions.

There is one important thing of note. During the SWL livestream today, the devs noted that there’s an issue with the buttons not liking ad blockers. So in order to get them to function right you might need to turn those off for a bit — assuming you have them on.

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