The Phantasy Star Online 2 team is back with another Arks Hour livestream. The stream, which took place last night, covers several topics including several bits of new content. This includes a new type of quest (the endless quest), a new augment, and a new urgent quest that brings back a familiar face.

The new endless quest is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s the quest that never ends (depending on how good the player is at it). At the beginning of endless quests — which can be taken on with anywhere between one and four people — players start out with 10 minutes to complete a mission requiring them to defeat all the enemies in an area. Completing these as quickly as possible is important because doing so adds more time to the timer when it rolls into the next round of monster slaying. How long the quest continues is completely up to player abilities.

As it turns out, players are probably going to want to take endless quests on for more than just bragging rights, because they’re where the new Lesser Augment can be obtained. Those of you who enjoy keeping on top of their weapon performance are going to want some of those.

The stream also revealed a new Urgent Quest featuring Omega Falz Luther. Yes. He’s back. And, if you’ve done the Falz Luther fight before, you’ll recognize what’s going on here. Although, he is tougher and has a few new moves. He also comes with new rewards in the form of a 13 star series and some 14 star items.

There’s also good news for anyone who had a bunch of Rising Weapons Badges sitting around in their Storage. Beginning today, you’ll be able to exchange them for Quest Triggers in the Rising Weapons Badge Exchange Shop. There are 8 quest triggers currently available in the shop with plans to add more later. A chart showing which triggers are available and what badges are needed to acquire them is available here.

Speaking of stuff you can find on the PSO2 site, there’s also a post highlighting some Halloween items in the Fresh Finds Shop and another showing off the new goodies available in the Weyland Warriors AC Scratch Ticket. You can also get a peek at some of the Weyland Warriors costumes in the video here.

As for the rest of the Arks Hour stream, there’s some general community content, a showcase of Halloween Costumes, a visit by YouTuber CammyCakes, and — of course — another stream giveaway. As with the previous giveaway, players are given a code they can use for a limited time. You need to get this one plugged in before November 12. If you do, you’ll recieve a Hyper Ninja, a 100 SG Ticket, and 3 100% Triboosts. The code is: 1VCH MX6A 4EN2 36CK.

Patch notes are available on the PSO2 site now as well. If you want to watch the full stream, just hit play on the video below.

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