The January Phantasy Star Online 2 update is up and it’s added a good bit of new content, including an all new kind of quest, Divide Quests. There’s also an obligatory new Urgent Quest — which ties into the Valentine’s event. Oh yeah. There’s a Valentine’s event. Most of this new content, you can read about on the PSO2 site.

Divide Quests are a new sub-quest found at the quest counter. These quests consist of 35 ranked stages, with each stage needed to be completed with an S rank before the player can move on. When attempting each stage, players are allowed to choose between two different ops with different objectives. Completing the objectives earns points toward ranking. The higher the rank, the better the loot will be. Also of note is that these quests have a limited life system. Players start with ten lives and if they’re all used up before an op is completed, the op is failed. The good news is that, much like old school games, more lives can be earned during play. More details on the Divide Quests are available in the writeup on the Valentine’s Day event — or yesterday’s ARKS Hour Stream.

As mentioned, the Valentine’s Day event kicks off today and it brings with it the “Where The Chocolate Went” Urgent Quest, in which players must clear out trouble makers before they ruin the holiday celebrations. As with all holiday events, the ARKS ship has been appropriately decorated with a heart-covered stage in the shopping plaza (available for weddings, fashion shows, and more), chocolates, flowers, and all the usual Valentine’s glitz. Of course, there are Rappies as well; Lovestruck Rappy and Emperappy. They’ve got some sweet new items on them.

Players can also pick up some Valentine’s missions from Xia and earn themselves some weapon camos, furnishings, and a cute new Mag Evolution Device.

For those just getting into the Episode 6 content, Sega is offering a new Deluxe Pack players may want to take a peek at. The new pack runs $45 and includes currency, consumables, boost items, enhancement items, and cosmetics. Details on all of that can be found on the PSO2 site.

And, of course, there are new log-in rewards, enhancement campaigns, and other campaigns to help players get geared up. Details on each of those can be found here. Of course, we also included the ARKS hour live stream below. It does contain another limited time code for goodies: a Sprite’s Plight Weapon camo for Soaring Blades, Partisan and Sword, as well as a SG100 ticket and 3 Triboost +100%. If you’d rather not watch the stream for the code, it’s IARKSYOU. This is another chat lobby code. So be sure to enter it there, in all-caps. As always the rewards will be available via the Visiphone.

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