We’re just a week away from Sega releasing the first content update of the year for Phantasy Star Online 2, adding new content for players to explore. This isn’t a full Episode update, but there’s still a good bit of new stuff for players to tool around with for a while.

Included in this update is the new Scion Class: Luster. Lusters wield Gunblades and boast three kinds of combat styles. The first, Zandi, is high-speed and activated when a wind or lightning element weapon is equipped. The second, Fomel style, is more aggressive and tied to weapons that have fire or dark element types. Finally the third, Baran, is more defensive and activates when an ice or light element weapon is in play.

Lusters are capable of both long and short-range combat. One ranged ability can be fired off while moving, resulting in the player receiving a brief invulnerability afterward. In close-ranged combat, the Luster can dodge using a sidestep or weapon action, earning an immediate counter-attack.

To try out this class, players will need to have first hit level 75 on two other classes.

On another note, Sega showed off more some live gameplay from PSO2:NGS on YouTube yesterday. It also demonstrates how players can move between PSO2 and the upcoming game (it’s super easy) and other gameplay is revealed in the 45 minute viedo. You can watch the entire thing below.


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