PUBG Mobile Is Getting Banned By The Taliban For "Misleading The Younger Generation" And "Promoting Violence"

The ban will be official within three months. Oh, and TikTok is on the chopping block, too.

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PUBG Mobile Afgan Ban

Following several discussions by the Taliban, a recent meeting between Afghanistan's Ministry of Telecommunications, a Sharia law enforcement official, and security representatives decided to ban PUBG: Battlegrounds mobile within three months. The representatives stated that PUBG is "misleading the younger generation" and "promoting violence."

News of the decision came from Khaama Press, which was ordered to happen earlier due to talks between the Taliban in April, BBC reports. The Taliban has urged Afghanistan telecommunications companies and internet service providers to ban the game within 90 days. Alongside PUBG's mobile version, TikTok is also getting put on the chopping block with a one-month active service before getting banned. Adding to the move to exclude the PUBG app, the Taliban noted that it's "wasting people's time."

According to PCGamer, PUBG has been "a runaway success in Afghanistan," climbing up to "100,000 Afghan players at once." They also noted how the game swallowed the majority of the country's mobile internet traffic during peak times. And just like them, I believe its popularity could likely spur a lookalike in the future, but who can say if that will happen as the Taliban implements more changes to cut distractions out of people's lives?

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