Okay. So this is one of those, “not technically free-to-play news yet, but could possibly be at some point”, things. As it turns out, Gameforge, a publisher known for free-to-play gaming, has acquired the publishing rights to Guardians of Ember — a game that currently sell for $10.

As part of the new publishing deal, the game will relaunch in Europe and North America after the title’s transfer to Gameforge. Currently the transfer is set for September 1, but it’s still a bit open. Once that happens, current players will be able to log in. They’ll even retain all their DLC.

A big question here is what effect Gameforge taking over as publisher with have on the game’s monitization — if any. As noted above, the company is generally known for free-to-play games. But, according to the FAQ about the transfer, the game’s development will still be headed up by Runewaker. (Good news for fans of the game.) So, there may be some negotiating going on there. That said, checking Gameforge’s current offerings, I didn’t see any B2P games. So, maybe we’ll end up writing more about Guardians of Ember in the future?

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  1. Having played Runes of Magic, I enjoy calling Gameforge FailForge and RuneWaker RuinWaker, this isn’t the first time they’ve dealt with eachother, and quite honestly I expect this game to go Pay to Win very quickly.


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