July’s update for Robot Entertainment’s Orcs Must Die: Unchained brings with it the game’s first PvE-centric content. Launching on July 1st, Endless Mode brings all the mechanics already established from the free to play game’s PvP content and adds in game elements that made the original games so successful.

Just like in PvP, teams must protect their rift from endless waves of incoming foes through the clever use of traps and skills. Teams will receive a little prep time prior to the first wave in which to make plans and build a strategy with their teammates. Do enough damage to the incoming waves and your team may fill up their “Unchained Meter.” Once filled, your team fill receive a health and mana bonus and reduced skill cooldowns. These perks could be the difference between surviving that next wave and living to face the special boss monsters that may arrive and wiping very quickly.

PvE content also comes with its own leaderboard for those amazing performers.

Some of the other features coming in this update include:

  • New map ‘Unchained Fortress’ is now the default map in matchmaking
  • Hero battle levels now increased to ten
  • All war camps now have a standard wave should players not place any cards
  • New three-level confirmation system for hero choice (select hero, confirm deck and set talents)
  • Fire damage over time now stacks providing it comes from different sources (magic or different trap types)
  • New bot: Hogarth
  • New skins for Smolder and Hogarth
  • Lots of small changes to heroes, minions, map dynamics as well as the user interface, performance and visual effects
  • Check out the Orcs Must Die: Unchained site for more details.

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