PvE Content Outlined For Revelation Online


No MMO is complete without a bevy of content for PvE fans. Quests, dungeons, and raids are pretty set requirements at this point in the genre. So, of course, the Revelation Online team would want to show players what they can expect in this area of the game. My.com and NetEase released a PvE specific trailer for the free-to-play game earlier today highlighting the more hardcore PvE content; dungeons, raids, and World Bosses.

The MMO offers two kinds of dungeons, solo and 5-man — with the latter having up to 5 difficulty levels, each offering different rewards. A step up from that is 10-man raids, complete with hardcore mode. Beyond that are 20-man “ultimate”versions of the same raids. Finally, players can participate in guild-sized battles to earn the right to take on one of the six massive world bosses roaming the landscape.

Signups for beta are currently live on the Revelation Online site for anyone wanting to check out the PvE content for themselves.


    • Agreed. I hate loading screens per each zone I enter. I brought it up in a discussion one time for this one game that is eventually gonna release and the devs ignored me and the staff obviously sided with the devs giving me a BS story about how loading screens is needed. But yeah I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

  1. damn it damn it realase this game fast im so eager to play this game looks promising…one thing worries me is if they will have a bad destination at the end… like get good at the beginning and then later becomes pay2win.

  2. Yeah, looks like Chinese might be far more inventive than Koreans that much is plain.
    Worthy morsel, but i worry about the cash shop.
    Well, we’ll see as always.


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