The Cycle, Studio Yager’s free-to-play, battle royale-ish, game is now playable on the Epic Games Store. Early access began today and servers are open 24/7, though not on Steam, which still has a page for the game — for now, at least.

In The Cycle, the object isn’t just to be the last person standing but to complete jobs — though shooting other people can be helpful! If you’ve played before, check out today’s release notes to get up to date on everything that’s changed since your last play session. That includes two new archetypes, the Exobiologist and Gambler, which are both available for free, and a new outfit system that lets you mix and match gear. Oh, and there are bloodthirsty “droids,” too. Have fun!

… but not too much fun. There will be one more progress wipe, at the end of early access, for which there is no specified date. There are also various packs you can purchase, for $9.99, $29.99, and $59.99, that will grant you cosmetic gear and cash shop currency.

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