The Cycle Frontier's Last Patch Of 2022 Should Fix Some Of The Game’s “Bigger Pain Points”

Patch 2.6.0 makes changes to matchmaking, fixes the delivery of cheat victim compensation, and more.

QuintLyn Bowers
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The Cycle Update

Yager is preparing to release the final patch of the year for The Cycle Frontier and it includes a bunch of fixes that will help with some of the more aggravating things in the game. There are fixes to matchmaking as well as cheat victim compensation, AI, and other areas. The devs have added beginner buckets to matchmaking – guaranteeing that new players can test themselves against equal competition. If a squad has any non-beginner members, they’ll go into the other brackets. Players don’t have to worry about being outclassed by players who have been around a while.

As for cheat victim compensation, they’ve adjusted some features to prevent packages from going missing and adjusted the system that does the checks to ensure players arrive on planets with the items in their pockets. AI has received a bit of a nerf, and the developers have made several adjustments based on player feedback. Full details are available in the notes.

In addition to the fixes and tweaks, this update also drops the Frosty Frontier Fest event. Players who want free goodies can sign up via the game’s website. There will also be a community challenge detailed at a later time.

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