PvPvE Looter Shooter "Marauders" Releases Steam Early Access October 3, Available Today For Pre-Ordering Players

Either wait till next Monday or jump in over the weekend by pre-ordering.

Anthony Jones
By Anthony Jones, News Editor Posted:

Marauders Early Access

Brutal, hardcore PvPvE looter shooter "Marauders" will launch its Steam early access on October 3. Publisher Team 17 and developer Small Impact Games also allow players who've pre-ordered or would like to from the game's website immediate access before Monday rolls around.

Marauders has been through a handful of closed beta tests and dropped an early access trailer during Gamescom 2022, eventually now ramping up to its release on October 3. According to the devs, players can expect tense first-person combat across dire survival situations, persistent gear and XP unlocks for new items, upgradeable spaceships and sci-fi dogfights out in deep space, and more. Set in an alternative 1990s where The Great War never ended, the game follows society fleeing to the stars and puts players in the middle of all the strife that comes with surviving in space.

As mentioned, players pre-ordering the game can jump into early access today, with the price sitting currently at $27 during a 10% discount period. Oddly, you can only purchase it on the Marauders website rather than the Steam page. Purchasing the pre-order gives you the Space Pirate pack with immediate access, including an exclusive helmet and body cosmetic piece.

For more information on Marauders, check out the Steam page!

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