Have Questions About Villagers And Heroes: Starfall? Here's A Handy FAQ

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor

Mad Otter Games knows players have questions about the upcoming Villagers and Heroes expansion, Starfall. So, today, the company put out a short FAQ covering some of the biggest questions people may have. The FAQ answers everything from what Starfall actually is, to new discussions about new quests, what systems the expansion will run on, and more.

This general FAQ is a bit of a TLDR. If you want far more detailed information on the expansion, it's available on the official site. But, if you're cool with something a bit less wordy -- while still informative. You can check out the FAQ below.

  • What is STARFALL?
    • STARFALL is the largest expansion we’ve ever released for Villagers & Heroes. We’ve completely revamped the core gear and combat systems of the game. We’ve added many new Talents, Quests, and places to Explore. The level cap has been raised, and we’ve made countless other improvements to Villagers & Heroes.
  • When will STARFALL be released?
    • Late summer, 2017. We'll be announcing the launch date very soon.
  • Will STARFALL run on both Android and PC? What about iOS?
    • Yes, it will run on Android and PC. You can even play the same character on PC and Android.The game will be released on iOS soon after STARFALL is released. Villagers & Heroes is the first ever fully cross-platform MMO.
  • Can you talk about the new Quests and Story in STARFALL?
    • With Starfall comes a total of seven new high level zones! The first five zones will be released immediately, and the other two will follow shortly. High level players can embark upon the ‘Journey to the Crux!’
    • Explore mysterious new lands where strange cults reside, wild forests are inhabited by treacherous new elder bosses and alluring pools are filled with intoxicating dread. Unravel dark secrets (if you can) and travel to the farthest reaches of the realm with a motley new group of heroes known as The Lumineers need. Adventure awaits!
  • Why did you change the loot and gear system with STARFALL?
    • We kept the best features of the old system, like the ability of players to completely customize gear by combining different gear, but added more variety to gear to enrich the possibilities of creating truly unique combinations. We wanted a system that is completely open to allow sandbox gameplay and foster player choice.
  • Can you provide more detail on the new Gear system?
    • Gear is now a more central part of Villagers and Heroes. Players will be able to find randomized gear that has unique properties, appearance, and names. Players will be able to find various rarities of gear and constantly be evolving and upgrading their character. Almost every play session, regardless of level, players will be able to find new and interesting items and continue to fine tune their perfected character builds.
  • What are the “Ultimates” I’ve heard about?
    • Ultimates are abilities which your character learns when they fully level up a talent. Some Ultimates are active and provide new feats to use in combat, while some are passive and grant game-changing effects. The good news is they are very powerful. The challenge is that a player can never achieve all the Ultimates, but must choose which to have and which he or she can live without.
  • Can you provide some detail on the new Talents?
    • There are two major changes to talents. The first is that all talents now fit within three specializations. Each class has three unique specializations and all talents fit within one. Second, talents are now leveless. Gone are the days of having to ‘chase after’ a talent to keep it good. Now all talents are good at all levels, and adding more points simply makes them more potent.
  • What does Starfall mean? Is there literally a star falling?
    • Yes! Even though a lot of what is coming with Starfall are game-related changes (mechanics, user interface, balance, etc.) we have wrapped the entire thing up into a bit of story. A star has crashed into the Seven Realms, and immense waves of power changed the foundations of magic. Players will get to see the site of the fallen star as well as “meet” it.
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Kevin Flemming 5 years ago
I wouldn't mind playing this from time-to-time, if it ran smoothly. Even on my quite frankly expensive gaming tower, it still runs like a fat man trying to wade through quicksand. Delayed input for actions, laggy servers and awful performance.

rickshaw 5 years ago
Low poly for cross platforms.
its going to go this way for a bit. having a game in all in platforms is the only the way to win the war.
The mobile games are currently the fastest and most damaging of all devices. They are so poorly made and made in the mass's upon mass's, that's why they can be churned out like water from a tap at the moment because its on a mobile.
I think mobile uses need to stop staring at their phones all the time and look up and around.
This is why PC gaming is the best medium for gaming as its none intrusive and not unsocial.
whereas the mobile is so unsocial its not funny, its currently the number one device that is the cause of non interactive socialization & ignorance.

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