Back in December Asiasoft Online announced they would be publishing Ragnarok Online 2 for English Audiences. Soon after it was discovered that while the game was to be released for English speaking areas, the fine print dictated that these areas would be limited to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. So while the game is -to my knowledge- still accessible through Asiasoft, the new-new official English version is gettings its first beta weekend starting tomorrow.

Ragnarok Online 2 will be officially published in North America by WarpPortal best known for publishing ROSE Online and Maestia along with the original version of Ragnarok. WarpPortal’s first RO2 beta weekend is set to begin tomorrow April 18th and last through Monday April 22nd. During the beta weekend WarpPortal plans to host several giveaways, contests and GM-run events.

This version of RO2 will most likely be the same as Asiasoft’s release with -hopefully- none of the rubber-banding lag issues players experienced while using specific class abilities.

You can find out more information regarding the beta weekend and its respective events by visiting the official site here. If you’re interested in finding out what the new version of Ragnarok Online 2 has to offer then be sure to check out our official first look above.

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  1. This game is totally playable in the stats. There is massive lag issues but you can connect and play. I got about 40 levels in before the lag was consistently lethal and I stopped playing.

    • Clearly your comp sucks or you’re outside north america and using a proxy. I’ve spent upwards of 20 hours in this game consistantly and even on packed channels there wasn’t any lag.

  2. Like many, I really had high hopes for this game. The old RO was a great game, innovative, original and interesting. It was one of those games that help lead the way for others.

    RO2 is none of these things. It’s just another generic MMO to throw in the pile with the rest. It’s one of my biggest disappointments in recent gaming history.

    • RO2 may not be as “innovative”, if you can even call RO innovative.

      Standard point and click combat and movement? Check.
      2D visuals? Check. 3D worlds were nothing new at the time and isometric gameplay had already been covered by Diablo years before.
      Standard +X refinement system? Check.
      Standard hotkeys? Check.
      Weapon slots? Diablo 2 hit it before RO with gems sockets.

      Diablo 2 came out in the year 2000. RO came out in the year 2002 in south korea.

      Everything at RO’s core had been done before.

      The only thing RO had going for it was a nice variety of music, interesting enemies and class choices.

      Aside from those points RO was by *no means* innovative. Games before it had already hit the same ground, multiple times. IF anything you sound a complete fanboy who is hating RO2 because you’ve got your rosey nostalgia goggles on. Get your facts straight.

    • Yes it’s totally fair to judge a game based on its initial content..if that’s the case then surely Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria for WoW didn’t happen at all then? YOU are the one that sucks, friend, for judging a game without seeing the full extent of what the developer intends to do with it.

  3. Just got off testing it for a few hours. Made it to level 9 thief. Feels a tad simplistic, but then again I’m still low level. Thankfully there’s NO stuff is actually responsive. I’m digging the art style and I seen a lot of familiar faces from the first game. They have Rockers..ROCKERS. I love those guys! Looking forward to testing it more tomorrow.

  4. Wait Has’nt already been in open beta in the us?

  5. great, i can finally quit playing the on the Malaysia servers.
    I got a level 20 thief lol I love wearing my Artisan Job outfit 😀
    now i can play

    • No clue about a specific EU release, but this NA beta seems to be for EU as well.
      From Warpportal RO2 facebook page:
      “2. Who is our territory? We are officially North America, Europe and Oceania (Australia). Places that we know there are players that would want to play here but we have to restrict access for is SEA areas and Brazil. This is unfortunate for us and for them, but that is what needs to happen when there are multiple partners servicing the game in specific geographic areas.”

      • Thanks! Hopefully that means there will be EU beta short after NA one. And since they have IP ban on Brasil that’s a plus ^_^

    • this guy is just a bad troll, they already have that RO2 SEA who announced JUST before launching the beta that all the other countries (some SEA countries too) won’t receive any support = it was unplayable for Europe/NA

    • I hear it all started with a little boy’s desire to be noticed by his idol. So he set his goal to be the first in everything, started around 06 with a website called youtube, rumor has that some trails here and there still can be found, and if you end up finding the first ever “first” comment you’ll jump back to the “future” where it all began. But than again, it might be just another urban legend, where promises like infinite gold and heineken can be found at the end of giant man’s belly for generation to come, who knows, the quest never stop…


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