Ragnarok Online 2 had a rocky start in late December, with publisher Asiasoft having to delay the open beta date due to high server congestion which caused the game to be unplayable for most. The new open beta date was set for today, January 3rd and as promised Asiasoft has released RO2 into open beta, but with some changes that have the community absolutely furious.

Originally Asiasoft had marketed their release of Ragnarok Online 2 as the first English version of the game with fans being led to believe they could access the game in the west despite the actual servers being located in the SEA region. In a quick turn of events however, Asiasoft released a message yesterday via the game’s Facebook page stating that the game would only be available to gamers from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam due to “Asiasoft’s “licence agreement with the game’s developer, Gravity Co.” Which means unless you are from those areas you wont be getting in.

There is no question that it was a severe oversight on Asiasoft’s part to not announce the change in service areas sooner, especially since the company seems to pride itself in being the first ever publishers of an English version of the game, yet the largest English speaking areas cannot actually play!

The question as to whether or not Ragnarok Online 2 would actually be a subjectively good MMORPG is a whole other topic. If Duke Nukem has taught us anything, the wait can often times be more memorable then the game itself.

Editors Note: Some players have reported that despite the official FB announcement, the game appears as if it hasn’t implemented any IP block. Perhaps the company was alluding to just player support and payment options. Nevertheless, don’t be surprised if an IP block is implemented soon.

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  1. i can open and login but cant play always come out this error

    The following program(s) cannot be operated with the game at the same time.


    i try reinstall but still the same dont know how to fix it

  2. Iam A Malaysia Player. a Former RO 1 hardcore Player.
    For all those who was hoping for this game. anticipating.
    a 3D cool RO game.. Sorry..
    1 word man DISSAPOINTMENT.

    -Bad game mechanics = Stats point dont do much effect even on High lvl Player. ex. a well combo Buffed Ranger with haste – AGI stat normal attack speed is still slow WTFish..
    -Bad skill Graphic
    -Improvement of Equipment – Hugely depends on CASH item.
    being Malaysian based server – Bad Server Device = EPIC Killer LAG.
    -The Card system is not fun anymore – Must Have cash item to Unlock card better ability.

    Imagine Ro2 – gates of the world graphic-engine – being REMAKE to this game.
    this is 2013 – not 2005.. Better game mechanic have come out better graphic aswell.

  3. @magicman aia want to let you know magic man that ragnarok 2 dosent have ip block at least anymore if u go 2 website it has client that says other in if you click on it you can download it when u do download it you well see that it has server specificly for the countrys that were originaly announced to go into open beta then it has 2 global servers which all other(includeing us) can play on im playing it right now so go check it out .I havent played the og ragnarok cause i just got into pc gaming about the middel of last year so i cant tell you know comparisions foreal i do know that the have skills from the og rag just re animated in better graphics in such but anyhow when ever u get the time to download it go ahead cause its not ip block it has the clients for those easter countries that were announced then it has global one that says other the only thing ul find hard is to find a chanelll in the 2 global servers thats not full or completely red for crowded lol yes its that packed.

  4. The game is terrible. I didn’t feel like it’s actually the sequel of the original Ragnarok Online. This so called Ragnarok Online 2, feels like just another the same mmorpg like any others; it doesn’t feel unique, unlike the first one.

  5. I tried this game for a few days and i just can’t get over the fact of how shitty the remake of the legendary Ragnarok Online is. The only thing that is keeping me logged on to this RO2 is because i loved RO1 so much…

    I don’t know if i should continue playing a game i don’t like just because i absolutely loved it’s predecessor.

    I need advice, guys..

  6. Actually this article is not true at all. I’m from the US and my group of friends and I have been playing RO2 since the launch date of January 3, 2012. There is no IP restriction. They even have 2 servers dedicated to people who aren’t playing from the SEA area. Please recheck your facts before you post. Thanks.

    • The clear fact you didn’t read the article, hurts my head.

      There are no mentions of an IP block in the article. They said to POSSIBLY expect one soon.

  7. Not sure if I can’t play because of bad download from crap foreign mmo company

    Or sign of future IP block to come from crap foreign mmo company

  8. You dont need VPN after petition to Asiasoft and facebook protest.

    – Change your system Data/Time for “English (Singapur)”

    – Download game
    – Lauch and wait for patching
    – Play (you can have Login Timeouts sometimes)

    If that doesnt work – try to restart PC.
    Tested on Win7 and It works.

  9. A few friends of mine played it. All of them said the same thing. Better off with RO1 than RO2.

    Maybe I shouldn’t pick up this game.

  10. this game and how asiasoft treats it is pretty much gonna f* up the game itself letting people test their game getting ther feedback and then telling them they can’t enjoy the ‘fixed” RO2 in the ob pff that sounds like a horrible company to me and if as i said u CAN login but asiasoft won’t help u in case u got problems thats even worse i though an mmo wants to have as many players as possible i quess for asiasoft its not like that.oh well bits me i am was not gonna play RO2 anyways so w/e its just sad that asiasoft backstabs its players like that

  11. the game is not all that impressive, but as I played it, its just full of nostalgia sake since RO was my first MMO.Its so packed with people in all channels that its really hard to get in now XD.
    This may not be the best MMO but its certainly very VERY popular. First time seeing an mmo with all servers and channels full.

  12. Canadian user here. Was able to log in and make a character at around 7:50am. Could still log in at around 8:20am but all the channels were full. Its now about 9am and my log in just times out now. Could be a problem on my end, but

  13. Yet another game that should have been released in early 2000. I have no idea what the publishers where thinking releasing this, most ragnarok fans ive heard of think this is the worse possible way to make a part 2, now its just a generic mmogrinder. I honestly dont expect much life out of this game considering you got much higher production quality games releasing that are f2p.

  14. After maintenance on RO2 it seems that Ein… well whatever that server’s name, besides its name states “ALL” while the other server is stated for Malaysia and Singapore. I don’t know what they’re trying to say now that the other server is for “everyone” or just certain other countries. Nonetheless I am still able to login and yes I’m an US player.

  15. to MMOBOMB
    i hope you guys can do first-look impression and its got good and bad thing
    RO2 chat got filter function which is good bec many player spam chat, also new card system, and RO1 similarity which bring nostalgic feeling.

    when i play , i spot a few bug such as unable to use any skill that force me to restart client, defeat monster take awhile to dead and some more
    OH and also discriminate issues between player

    some people in MMOBOMB that hate RO2 bec its in 3D ,and they prefer RO2 that same graphic as RO1, i just wonder if they ever heard the word ‘expansion’

    anyway i really hope i can see you guys doing first-look impression in RO2

  16. What’s up guys, just a different source to confirm that you ARE allowed to log in and play but it will be very laggy, quests will take about 3 to 10 seconds to update and combat data will be very slow too. However if you really want to try the game and don’t mind all this then go ahead by all means! Cheers. And yes I have tried this myself, it is literally unplayable and the servers are crowded.

    • They are perfectly capable of doing that. I played during 3rd and I was able to log in all the time. The all issues that are present during logining have been described on forums on how to fix them.

      Even IF they block other countries there are still VPN services avaiable so there’s nothing that stops them from doing First Look on this game.

      And the game itself… yup… WoW in all its anime’ish glory.

  17. You guys are all idiots don’t post false information until you know what you are posting is the facts. I have played throughout the closed beta, stress tests and now the Open Beta with zero issues and no lag once so ever. I live in Arizona, USA.

    There was NEVER mention of any type of “IP Block” once so ever so how this rumor started is beyond me…. All that Asiasoft SEA said was that they will not be provided any type of game services to outside Country’s whom are not listed as the ones they cover. Thus being customer service and in game cash shop services. If people could read and understand what their licenses are there would be non of this rumor shit that goes on and makes people look like idiots.

    The guy at MMOBomb…. I can only laugh as to how much of an idiot you made MMOBOMB look. Enough with these false claims as blogs/articles trying to act like you know what you are talking about it sickens me to no end when most of these big time gaming sites are not ran buy gamers anymore but know nothings trying to make a quick buck.

    • Hi!

      First, the hit doesn’t mention IP block at all (except in the update that was added later). The comments mention IP Block (including an earlier comment of mine).

      Second, Why is it hard to see where players and media would get the impression of an IP block? Your post isn’t correct and it makes your “name calling” out of place. The official Facebook post says it will not be offering “THE RO2 game service”

      Full Post (Misspellings and all):

      Dear Asgardians,

      We are happy to announce that OBT will start tomorrow, 3rd January 2013, at 1300 HRS (+8 GMT)! That is less than 19 hours from now!

      However, it’s with our deepest apologies that we announce we will not be able to provide the RO2 game service to players outside of our optimised countries – Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam – due to our licence agreement with the game’s developer, Gravity Co., Ltd.

      These aforementioned licence terms will take full effect from the start of OBT tomorrow and we deeply apologise for any inconvenience caused to players. We are extremely grateful for the support you have shown RO2 so far and we thank you again for being a part of this journey. Thank you all!

      This was the post the news hit was based on. It does not specify “services” as you state. It says “the RO2 Game Service” as in the game itself, singular service. If you’re able to get in , then hey great for you! You’re one of the lucky ones because many others simply cannot and (personally here on this one) I don’t think an official IP block is far off. Gravity keeps stripping any comments about this beta from their forums citing a project in direct competition to this RO2 so I am sure there are very serious discussions happening right now.

      Third, the leap from someone interpreting a Facebook post differently from you all the way to “know nothings trying to make a buck” is quite a leap my friend, even for an internet comments board.

      If you’re in RO2 though, I do hope you have fun! Maybe post something on the forums with your opinions on the game so others that couldn’t access it can see what other gamers think of the title!

    • I’m the individual who wrote the post. As Magicman has already stated, the post makes what appears to be a fairly cut and dry statement as to what the game’s intended audience was to be. On top of this, there were several other news outlets (Joystiq, Gamasutra, TenTonHammer) who posted similar interpretations.

      For the record, I was able to run the game in closed beta fine. Now with the open beta underway, I am no longer able to access the character screen. This is with the Hackshield and other various fixes already being applied.

    • They could have taken any MMO.. Even that Maestia game, changed the title screen to say Ragnarok 2 and the world would stop breathing to play it..

      Ragnarok was for many, their first real mmo experience.

      • It was my first mmo as well and RO was fun those days. So those who played RO would have high expectations when RO2 comes out. it’s not really as good as people expected it to be.

        lol and I’ve also been hearing resurrection cooldown in RO2 [not KRO2] is 50mins o_O which was a major wtf.

  18. You can play in open Beta, Connection between players from outside asia is not optimized and you can still play it, with little higher ping. Im playing it right now and it works like a charm. AND It wasnt announce just yet that every country outside asia will be not able to play. It was announce 1,5 months ago. You can read it here http://globenewswire.com/news-release/2012/11/21/506726/10013185/en/GRAVITY-Reports-Third-Quarter-of-2012-Results-and-Business-Updates.html

  19. Im confuse i thought theres gonna be a new server i tried it but the server still the same and I thought the game will be full of English even the opening how come its not english im CONFUSE!

  20. I think it’s kinda stupid to have the first English game in the Asia area when they already have the KR version in the Asia area. It should at least start in the EU or NA area since the language is more prioritized.

    • Sorry to say but, like you guys, not all asian countries speaks korean nor japanese for that matter, and asiasoft is a asian countries that develops English games for asians. Some countries like Malaysia, taught the children in primary school to learn English as a secondary language. And majority gamers in Malaysia will play English type games rather than Malay type games (which do not exist), and if it exist it wouldn’t be pure Malay since it will combine both Malay and English into a sentence (typical actress, bitchy girls and even rich peoples who forgot their Malaysian roots). So that’s why we (Gamers) go English. By the way, have you watched MMOBM Q&A first episode of 2013? To play KRO2, people will need Koreean Idetification Card (whatever) to play it. That’s their own country’s Identification card how the hell are other asian countries would get in?

    • idk why western people think all SEA or asia speak only korean and japanese ~.~
      we used english as secondary language and each country use their own language

      same happen to Prius Online gpotato that ip block SEA region for awhile bec SEA already got SEA Prius that in CHINESE, although it temporary block till they realize it.

      • and quite sad for Prius Online… they realize too late, by the time they did something, the population in Prius Online was so low… they had no choice but to shut it down (that and developers being a duchbag and not responding back, LOL)

        But yea… the comments about thinking ppls in Asia are only Asia language… are just stereotyping because of media and didn’t actually go learn about how cultures are like, real common.

    • When I attempt to log in (this is after patching mind you) the game gets to the hackshield phase then never opens the game. During the CBT I was able to login. This leads me to believe its still somewhat blocked.

      • Let me explain this: The Game itself has many Problems as you can see in i’s Forum,
        the hackshield issue is also explained there, the hackshield is not patching properly because of the amount of ppl logging in.

        Also for myself i had the “Failed to initilize” bug wich is fixed when u download the Manual Patch, also explained in the Forum.

        Another Problem is to change your Regional to English/Singapur
        and change your text to “Verdana” in your regedit.

        ^That is also explained in the Forum.

        The hackshield is bugged, so is the Game overall, but its working.

        Check their Forum its all explained.

  21. really u can still log in? coz from what i heard the only way u can log in now is via proxy if u dont belong in those 4 countries…douchebag move by asiasoft letting everyone do their stress test then lockout half those cbt and stress test players when obt starts

  22. There is no block, they just have no support for People wich play outside from the 4 Countrys….

    U CAN LOG IN, its not a IP BLOCK

  23. Some people didn’t believe me during the live stream when I tried to give them the bad news 🙁

    Good old IP block..

    • i must say it smucks certainly because this game had a lot of fans because of the old school ragnarok wich had a big succses like 8 years ago , wich also was the first online ame i played , but i dunno this RO 2 , buggs me a lot dude , i dont find nothing interesting on it , the graphics are pretty dull , its overloaded with cuteneess that everyone knows it

      Yet i just dont like it the gameplay is that from 2003/2008 , they are 4 years behind the techonlogy and is boring, whats your point of view magickman?

      pdt. i cannot find the comment you made about being ip blocked .

      • I can see your point. I am still ok with older style games as long as they are FUN! But alas, I have not been able to play since open beta started. From my closed experience…I too am unsure on RO2.

        For the moment “IP Block” was a poor word choice on my part since that isn’t “official” yet but I think it’s coming soon. I talked about it in the last Bomblive show where we streamed Elsword.

        • http://www.facebook.com/PlayRO2/posts/147685808716785

          That is the official statement (the second reply)

          “Hi there, we are contractually bound to service players only in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. If you know of players outside of this region who are able to access the game, they may be deliberately accessing the game via a different IP through third party software that is not endorsed by Asiasoft nor Gravity. Thanks.”

          off topic: how do i get my picture show up on comments, lol.

          • Thanks for that! I saw that too!

            Use a services called Gravatar. It ties an image to your email address and then for many sites (like ours) your avatar will become that image as long as you use the email address you put in on Gravatar.

        • Hey magicman i have a question , is open beta gettin wiped? , cuzz if its not …. its gonna be a huge gapp bewrteen players from other countrys againts asians ….on pvp and stuff like guild wars etc , ….. and o boy asiants lvl like (escuseme by word) like shit , D: like if they didint havea life , like of they didint sleep D!: if theres no wipe , i bet that ill met a lvl 69 when it goes oficial , i swear

    • Yeah. I’m sorry for Asia to block other continents. I hope you guys get to play the game soon from the official Gravity and Warpportal publishers. I’ve heard from the Asian communities, most of them welcome you guys to the game and they were against the IP block idea, henceforth beginning the open beta without IP block. I didn’t get to play the Open Beta yet because even if I am extremely close to the servers(1200 miles I consider near), I could not get into the game.

      Then again, I hope you guys get to play soon. The game is luscious and graphically impressive even at low spec computers


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