RaiderZ, the highly anticipated action combat MMORPG, opened up its closed beta test yesterday afternoon. Perfect World Entertainment announced that the beta would run from August 9th till August 29th. Players must have a closed beta key in order to join the beta.

Perfect World did hold a closed alpha test for RaideZ earlier this year. A few new things have been added to the closed beta since then starting with a level cap increase to 30, a new zone to explore, and new social features which allow you to craft guitars which you can then use to buff allies or smash “rock star style” on your enemies heads.

Do you feel it’s been worth the wait? Tell us about your beta impressions in the comments below!

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  1. The game is as awsome as I imagined. I liked the graphics, the combos the questing and specially the fighting. I felt like playing a little bit of Rogue Galaxy, Final Fantasy XII (ps2) and Kingdoms of Amalur. Reckoning (ps3) all games that I really enjoyed. Of course there should be more content on it, like a bow and a dual dagger/sword user class but as nothing is perfect this game I may take serious.

  2. Hey again mmobombers i have something interesting to say about the game well to start i was getting that error “cannot conect to server”for ages and when i finaly got into the game and was abble to play for the first 6 hours i take a break and when im going to logg again i cant 🙂 error something about double loggin and as if that wasnt enough i was now going to try again and the antivirus thing just give me this message”error code 380 file may has been altered by virus or hacking tool” and now i ask you what am i supose to do :)?

  3. I enjoyed the few hours played however I’m a bit disappointed at the graphics and the combat speed. The way the mobs lock on to you remind me of Aion and thats not a good thing. Too robot like. I’m hoping that since this is only a beta a higher graphical setting will be available when its fully released. I’m also hoping the devs can speed up the combat a bit. The game certainly has potential, but I don’t think its quite there yet.

  4. Guys is this game available to EU or just US?cuse i done the download im able to log in and creat a char but then when i try to connect to the game server i get something telling me that wasnt able to connect to server…ive tryed a lot of times and this allways is it only for US (im from EU btw)

    • The “U.S.” server is global and the “E.U.” server is for the E.U. Meaning that E.U. will have an IP block for anyone outside of that region. At least that’s the way I interpreted it.

      The game is having major server issues at the moment. That is the reason you can’t connect to the game.

    • I’m from germany and i am playing so i think it has no european ip-block. But you could also play the frogster beta. you just need a key which you can get when you follow them on facebook and take part in one of their giveaway actions.

  5. this game is what i looking… from all games like vindictus/c9 and many games like this…
    but raiderz is more cool… and craft / and gameplay and many stuffs try and will see :>
    thx mmobomb… for beta key`s :>

  6. Guys, it wouldn’t hurt to mention the EU version CBT, which has also started on the 9th.
    You’ve got a lot of European fans and subscribers. Cheers!

  7. i used my beta key didnt get message so i downloaded from their site installed it and when i try to log in it says beta key needed any1 having same problem or just my luck?

  8. Downloaded fine for me, less than an hour. Played for a few hours, ran smooth at all settings for me. Seemed a little slow, not really what I am used to I guess, seemed kind of annoying to me as well having to use the keyboard so much to do everything like talking to NPC’s, looting mobs, etc. Prefer to use my mouse for most operations. Combat was pretty good, visuals are decent, overall the graphics are not the greatest but better than alot of other f2P games. I probably won’t play this game anymore though, just couldn’t really get into it, I’ll be spending most of my time in GW2.

  9. I just got in today been playing non stop till now hehe got to lvl 10 berzerker on crawler id say the game lives up to the hype albeit it still has a few bugs to work out, also magicman if you read this i sent you an ingame mail (hopefully to you magicman on crawler) asking if we can be friends if thats ok?

  10. Yo Magicman!! Well i agree with you for the most part. The combat in Tera has a better feeling to it. As i said in my last post i think “so far” RaiderZ questing is more entertaining then Tera by a long shot, I like that fact that Raiderz add some spice to there quests Like being able to pick up another weapon or a cannon and blow up pirates. In Tera it is nothing but a all day all night grind fest. I agree on the crafting ill give that to Tera for now. Pvp so far i can say but Tera will not be hard to beat there. So all around i think RaiderZ has the lead just for the fact is free, Yes Tera has some very nice stuff and i still play it and pay for it but the up sides to it are not worth $15 a month over RaiderZ Free to play. Thats my side of it Magicman.

  11. Ok Ok so we have a lot of ppl bitching and crying about stupid stuff on this game…I guess thats all ppl are good at.. Yes the download was slow but you also have to understand the amount of ppl that were downloading this game A LOT !! mmobomb, had what 20,000 beta keys and i have the list of all the other websites that got beta keys and WOW!!! so yea ill deal with a slow download… The game could look better yes ill agree on that but after playing all night and seeing the quests and how smooth the game is on max i have to say it’s a lot better then 98% of the crap coming out right now.
    And to the guy that said this is worse then Tera, I have been playing Tera, since day 1 and Tera, looks amazing yes but pvp and quests might just be the worse shit ever. Tera, is way wore at questing then WOW, i fell asleep questing in Tera, and it’s P2P!!! So as far as free games go this game is worth the wait and time!! It’s the only game i like from PW so thats saying something.

    Yo Magicman whats up how have ya been?

    • I’ve been well! How about you?

      About RaiderZ: When I did the First Look a long time ago I drew the obvious comparisons to Tera as well. I got to level 12 last night in RaiderZ and will be playing it this evening again. I also sub to Tera as well. Here’s just a few of my thoughts so far:

      Combat – Goes to Tera…but ONLY by a little bit. Out of the two Raiderz still feels a little sluggish and slower to me. (I mentioned that in the First Look too). If they just turend the speed up a bit RaiderZ may win.

      Story – There’s a story to either game? Damn…maybe I should have read it.

      Quests – Normal run of the mill in both games. Kill 10 of X come back to get your gold and a hug. Edge here goes to RaiderZ in my opinion so far only because the Quest XP flows a bit faster so the grind doesn’t feel as bad.

      Crafting – This one is sticky. I think Tera has a better overall system, but RaiderZ has much better resource gathering options. I’ll call this one a draw until I play RaiderZ some more.

      We’ll be talking about it more in depth on an upcoming F2P Cast. Tonight I’ll be running BRC, maybe doing some PvP and making some more opinions.

      What are your initial thoughts?

      • I played the game a little last night and find it really fun. I did have issues when I first started, trying to movie WASD always dodged, Pressing either mouse button blocked with my shield and I couldn’t jump. Someone in the forums said they rebooted and the issue was fixed but not for good. We’ll see when I play later tonight if it happens again. I see the issue is happening to others so hopefully they’ll fix it.

        Other than that I enjoy the game. The one thing I think they could do (and its actually small) is not just have mobs standing around. I’ve also been playing Path To Exile and even though its a Diablo type game as you’re walking down a path or some where you may see some mobs walking around, but a lot come at you from other directions. This was great especially when I got to the second chapter and was in the jungle and had monkeys climbing down trees coming after me, it was unexpected and fun. This would be great especially for this game because its meant to be played with others so you can have a fighter taking out near by mobs while having someone who has distance attacks take out the distance mobs.

        Other than the glitch and my though on mobs its a fun game. It doesn’t feel grindy, but I feel when you like the combat system of a game it doesn’t feel grindy. Games like WoW with the slow and boring auto attack feel grindy to me because I don’t feel the challenge, I can’t dodge or block and while running the mob can seem like it should be out of range from their sword but still hit you. Its just fake feeling while games like this you have to be in range, you can dodge and block and it’s more fun and challenging.

        Crafting is simple, but I like it that way because otherwise crafting gets dull to me. I’d rather just get a blueprint and make something if I have the items to make it. I also like that RaiderZ tells you what mobs you can fight to get the items you need. Most games with crafting I leave the crafting to a friend who likes to craft things. While he’s crafting I find something else around the area to do or I watch TV or get a drink until he’s done. This game I’ll actually gladly craft stuff.

        Like most people I don’t read the quests or story either. I’d rather have full dialog, when playing I don’t want to read. I’m sorry to the people who wrote the story for RaiderZ, its probably a good story, but I just want to play and not have to read.

      • I would like to give a good impression of the CB yet i have to say i can’t , I downloaded the Client 3 times , 2 times the Installation was corrupt ed and wasn’t even starting , the third time the installation had an error and aborted .

        That’s definitely a hands down for and very huge one , i might wait for OB or try it at the weekend again when the load out out the DL servers isn’t that huge anymore .

        Well and i even hope to remember playing it , on 25th the Early acces to Guild Wars 2 starts .

  12. I think it’s just a worse version of Tera and both have so slow combat… = / I want a mmo with combat like god of war or devil may cry!

    • Then you should try C9 or vindictus. I consider C9 better but that is my opinion and combat in it is really fast. Try the shadow class, very fast and stylish to play like DmC and GoW.

  13. I got no laggs max setting, 1-2 hours download install 10 min + I getted email to download it now, So i did it 😀

    Enjoy playing.

  14. Well Frogster is holding RaiderZ too, O downloaded the game in like an hour, installed and will play later tonight, but comparing publishers I’ll keep on frogster, even the website is way much better.

  15. I got a beta key from MMOBomb and entered it at Raiderz site but so far no email or any other evidence that it was accepted. very dissapointed.

  16. I needed 8 hours to download it when normally i download 4 gig in less than 1 hour. i needed 6 hours to install it when i normally need 8 minutes to install a game aus big as this one and now when i start it and i log in with my pefrectworldaccount which says i have an activated account for raiderz it says i enter the wrong password when i can log in to the perfectworld page with the same pw at the same time. I don’t know if it was worth the wait but at the moment i would say NO.

    • Me to, I played for maybe 2 hours yesterday and everything ran smoothly,Dl was under 40 minute’s.
      That was enough to satisfy my curiosity till OB.

      Not a game i really want to spend alot of time and get bored of only to have it all wiped and get that feeling of , Hmm made it to lvl 30 before, Do i really want to spend another few day’s to redo it all again.

      Thank you for the sneek peek MMOBomb.
      Maybe see you all in game around X-mas if everything goe’s well.



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