You can’t keep a game down. In fact, it’s almost like game developers don’t want to let games die… even if the game in question wasn’t theirs to begin with. Case in point: RaiderZ is apparently making a return thanks to Masangsoft, who acquired the game from MAIET Entertainment. Inc.

According to a post on the RaiderZ page on Facebook, Masangsoft has spent a good deal of time looking at the game and whether it’s worth the effort to bring it back. According to them, the biggest factor in this decision is how much the fans seem to love it.

It’s true that RaiderZ is an old game that isn’t sophisticated enough to satisfy the gaming industry’s trends, technology and users’ point of view. However, the interest and affection of users is invaluable and important motivation for developing the game. We know that many people are curious about this game.

They go on to say that before they can bring the game back, there’s more details they need to look into. They want to provide a better experience, so apparently, they’re going to be taking their time.

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  1. If they’re being it back

    I hope they’ll leave the P2W behind and not bring that back (instant guarantee enchants)

    Also, are they even going to have new content? Cause I thought the DEVs disbanded?

    Or is this just another quick Cash Grab in a no-update game?

  2. Also guys this is one of the only mmos where dodge actually has I-Frames. I could actually solo bosses due to this unique fighting mechanic that isnt in many other mmos.

    the mmos I played either you are kiting in circles by running or in teras case you dont have iframes and have to depend on gear to actually reduce damage when fighting stuff/ use a dodge SKILL.

    downside for this game when I was playing is that it was very pay to progress like warframe where the main crafting materials such as weapon upgrades where buyable and sellable on the marketboard.

    Also during the last few months they started to release costumes that had stats on them. making it pay to win (typical perfect world), and the game died due to content stagnation since the DEVS closed down.

  3. Another trash being reanimated by necrophiles…necromancers I mean.
    Great PvP…with rotation…and timing you say.
    isn’t Cabal Online same?
    isn’t C9 same?
    isn’t WoW same?
    isn’t any damn MMORPG same?

    You f*ck up your rotation in any game = you die…Well, except if you’re fighting a zerg or playing some KR trash game with rotations consisting of 3-buttons.

    With all those ‘revives’ I won’t be surprised to read on news an article ‘Hitler and Stalin might return back, because it’s too boring to live nowadays.’

  4. This game has some of the best combat you will find in MMORPGs. Very timing/rotations/skill based. Also it had literally 0 “p2w” elements to it, one of the most fair games when it comes to it’s price model (one of the reasons it failed tbh). The content was lacking hard, only about 3 dungeons you could do a couple times a day and that was it, however, the game had a huge PvP map that ran 24/7 and that’s where the most fun was.

    Hopefully they will look into sorcs being too overpowered and launch the game in a more balanced state (class-wise). I don’t think I’ll be playing it as I can’t spend time on mmorpgs anymore, but I advise anyone who’s a fan of skill-based, intricate and fun PVP to give this one a shot 😀

  5. Well, it was a hellishly unbalanced game, both in PvP and PvE, the tank and berserker classes were practically useless garbage because stamina ran out with 2-3 moves, while mana was practically infinite. Mages could beat the living shit out of everyone else, while healers were necessary but otherwise weak too.

    Hope they patch up this before putting the game out. There were some terrible bugs too, like the open world boss slaying quest, which only rewarded the player scoring the final hit, while the boss took 10 minutes to respawn…

    People loved the game because of its simplicity. Simple games can really draw their own audience, because for some people fancy huge games are just too complicated. I had some friends I just could not convince to play anything more sofisticated than Metin 2.

    • its clear that you dont know how to play zerk or defender in raiderz stamin did not run out that easy in fact you can hit with your combo( if you know how to play) 100-0
      And is not that simple have you even fight a boss in raiderz? or a dungeon?
      And a game is not needed to have quantum physics complexiti to be a good game.

  6. OH SHITTTT nice I played this game all the way to level 40 *max level ) before the content began to stagnate and clear epic temple was hard af xD.

    too bad my characters and items are long gone when playing under perfect world entertainment…


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