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About the game:
Title: RaiderZ
Status: offline Graphics: 3D
Developer: MAIET Entertainment
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment

Explosive Features:

  • Monster-hunting MMORPG
  • Real-time combat
  • Great visuals

RaiderZ is a free to play 3D action MMORPG based on a non-targeting system, where players will have direct control over their characters and progress during battle versus the traditional “point-and-click” gameplay style. Players can look forward to battling and hunting a myriad of huge monsters that require strategy, skill, and in most cases teamwork.

In the atmospheric game world, online explorers encounter all kinds of impressive creatures. While completing hundreds of quests, players investigate the secrets of the enemy intrusion into the peaceful world of man and join large groups of allies in large-scale campaigns against formidable monsters (so-called ‘raids’). With its highly dynamic controls, requiring manual targeting and active evasion of their opponent’s attacks, the game allows players to dive right into the heat of battle.

RaiderZ is developed by MAEIT Entertainment, the same studio behind the popular third person MMO shooter GunZ: The Duel.

Featured Video

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System Requirements

RaiderZ Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz
Memory Ram: 1GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 2GB of free Space
Video Card: nVidia 7600 GT

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    • Yeah you should be able to if I’ve played it before on this vista. It was pretty fun playing it too. You should check it out. I think I’m going to reinstall. It’s already out though if you looking to play it now. I just haven’t played in awhile. Right now I’m kind of enjoying rift but this one’s a fun game too. I just dread having to download.

  1. So, can we change the file destination of this game? My Hard Disk C: is almost full (with 2.74 GB left), and I have a Hard Disk D: (with 137 GB left) , so can we? And other question, what exactly is the memory space of this game?

  2. Couldn’t even get to the game, the freaking register wouldn’t even let me get a name. Even the most ungeneric, seems to be taken. For an example. I used this for both the display name and username; “saoaloggofanto”, yet it was still taken. Piece of crap game if I can’t even get into it. I’m going back to Vindictus.

  3. I played this game for a a day or two till level 20 so take my review for what it is. The game is quite pretty graphically but I do not seeing it compare to games similar in playstyle. The gear system seems very bland, I saw many players running around in the same gear as me, felt like clones everywhere. It’s considered an open world game but the world is extremely small. I saw nothing but gold spammers in trade and bots everywhere. When put next to a high budget game that recently went f2p like Tera (which I played a sorc to level cap) I see no reason to play this game as Tera stomps it in every aspect from combat, pve, pvp, Open world and questing.

    • Well for one when this game first came out it was pretty fun, but now a days its nothing but a lag hole central game, they kinda cured the gold spammers, but there are still hacks and stat stackers on the game, not to mention bots all over the place using 3rd party programs that they can’t control, This game uses GameGuard as its security, and there are tons of constant cheats, and hacks that this company can not protect from. Not to mention 0 new content. The games forums are run by Nazi moderators. Anytime you post something they don’t like they edit your post, or just delete it, because they don’t want new players to know what kind of issues the game is currently having, and most times their standard reply is contact support, so you waste time contacting support for them to do absolutely nothing.

      I have played this game since Open Beta and you can tell this was rushed into Live Play, since nothing was fixed before they released it. This game is free to play, but they only really care about making money via the cash shop. At the start of Live Release this game was hit with a dupe hack where players were duping in game items along with cash shop items and selling them on the market, totally saturated all servers, and the company did nothing about this, they let these players remain on the game with out penalty. So with the constant hacking still going on the game play of this game has degraded, and in my honest opinion is not worth the time.

      Over the last 2 months it has only gotten worse, and I am currently looking for another game to play because of this. You can try the game out if you want, but you will be about as disappointed after the hype has worn off and you realize all the time you have wasted.

      • Yeah I agree. I recently jumped in and all there was were hackers just destroying every mob. i couldnt finish a quest. it was terrible! im also trying to find a new game because of this.

  4. Let me begin this review by saying that I’ve been anticipating this game since its announcement. I’ve played several PWI titles, and expected fantastic quality.

    I was able to join during Open Beta, and started a THF berserker. I was blown away by the high quality graphics and smooth gameplay, when there wasn’t a large amount of players all standing around in one place. I could get in and out of combat easy and the hack-and-slash system made for great fun. I could mix up my skills and unlock devastating combos. Groups were EXTREMELY easy to find due to everyone starting at once, so doing difficult instances was no problem at all.

    RaiderZ has area bosses, who wander around in the open fields along similar type mobs. They’re giant, hostile, and take multiple players to take down. Only the first character or group to attack these mobs will get to loot them, and they’re required for a quest frequently. You can imagine the result.

    There is no loot- armor and weapons- to pick up and use in RaiderZ. There are only materials. As a player put it, “why would a wolf drop an iron mace on its death?” Instead of hoping for a drop from a boss, you craft your items. You craft ALL your items. There are three branches per level requirement, a common, uncommon, and rare set (black, green, and blue). The rare sets take the most items to craft, and will require mats dropped by instance bosses. These items can be found in the auction house, however, if you can’t get into the instance for whatever reason. I would recommend to always craft and use the blue set and nothing else, so you’ll always have the best set. There are enchanting items which drop randomly and are very simple to use. After third level enchantment on your weapon, it’ll glow, which looks awesome. Not sure if they’ve implemented armor glowing since I’ve played.

    The biggest flaws (in my opinion) in RaiderZ were goldspammers, and some irritating as hell PvE areas. The chat was absolutely FLOODED with goldspammers in the main town and there seemed to be no way to get rid of them from the game, from how the GMs responded to the issue. They were constant. Blocking only did so much.

    I don’t play RaiderZ anymore for various reasons. I enjoyed the game, yes, but I suppose I was a bit let down in the end. The system is very linear throughout the levels and quests are depressingly similar to each other. I would get to a new area, kill some mobs and collect their stuff, kill a boss mob, go to the instance, craft the gear, and go to a new area, rinse and repeat.

    So, really, RaiderZ is just another PWI game. It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s not necessarily dull. It’s average.

  5. Hi all…

    First off i love mmobomb the best placed to see what games are out there and what games ar hot an not.
    Now RaiderZ ….

    1.good graphic.(not the best but looks good).
    2 Nice style of playing love dodge attack without luck.:P

    1 community its already dead.
    2 same old same old.
    3 lack of information and help (gms).

    I play it till 35 the max level now it far to easy 5 days and i was 35 without any problem.
    so for anyone that wanna try raiderz try it but i will better wait till full lauch.

  6. Downloaded this game cuz though from gameplays it’s awesome (graphics) .. but I installed it, played for like 1h or so and the i clicked Uninstall. It’s crap game …

  7. I thought this game was going to be fun, but then I actually played it, I prefer playing Vindictus over this piece of crap…

  8. I was kinda hoping it wasn’t gonna be another one of those games where the only people that exist are white. Growing up in a heavily mixed environment its weird to see just one skin color…but wth its still a good game.

    • Yeah the game itself was good but you could only create white people so i left because as a non-white I rather support games that respect all races. My money my choice kinda thing. Also it was a little boring. Yeah the targeting thing was ok and all but I already had that in Vindictus. Playing Meastia now and I can create a totally unique character any color I want.

      I thing if they worked on their character creator, and made it like Vindictus where you can grab people and throw them around I would like this game. No one color, makes me think the developers are lazy and in that I lose confidence in their ability to make a quality game.

  9. I want to know how similar this game is to the monster hunter games?(My friends and I absolutely love Monster Hunter)
    But,by looking at things as it is now,I’m interested in this,already.

  10. ok ,i had to do my os over again ,now i ty looking up dl again and i cant ,i was in beta ,but like i said i wiped whole os ,and now i want to dl it again ,so were do i go.

  11. guys i have windows 7 i can play it or it not for windows 7?

    question 2 : is it for a country or all upcoming games for all world ?

    i hope anyone answer me

    • Zapomniałes wspomnieć o paru rczceazh, miedzyinnymi jest tutaj cos takiego jak umiejętność poslugiwania sie daną bronią, gdy takiej umiejętności się nie posiada to przy używaniu tej broni otrzymuje się ujemne modyfikatory i gorzej się tą bronią walczy, było tak z tobą w przypadku tego axe, jak dobrze zauwazylem był to dwarven axe do ktf3rego skill posiadaj krasnoludy albo jeżeli go wybierzesz przy customize pathu.

  12. I just had my hopes high.. when it stated: Play free now.
    logged in my account and it was a freaking sign up for news to the upcoming beta.
    Do you hate me mmobomb? DO YOU?! 😀


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