Here’s an MMO we haven’t spoken about in a while. Gpotato’s pet focused MMORPG Rappelz just announced its newest update, Epic VIII Part 3. At first glance it’s difficult to determine just what the update is about. Naming it Epic VIII Part 3 certainly didn’t help, but upon closer inspection we can see it involves new taming options, additional quest lines, and 4 revamped dungeons.

The update expands upon Rappelz taming options by allowing players to tame over 30 of the in-game bosses as their own personal bodyguard buddies. Gpotato says with the influx of boss buddies, each class will be able to acquire a pet that is more relevant to their class.

The four revamped dungeons were actually added in the previous Epic update, but apparently were in need of further revision to allow the dungeons to become more accessible. The revision will provide players with four different versions of the dungeons, each with their own level of difficulty and rewards.

Additional daily quests and a revamped player inventory are also on list of added feature in Part 3. There is currently no word as to when the update will go live for both NA and EU audiences. Rappelz is currently celebrating its 7th anniversary in the US with ingame raffles and free items. For more information regarding the update, you can check out the official preview here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. At one point in time when I was much more naive about MMORPGs I gave this a try. There was a whole lot wrong and very little right. You could say the grind is outrageous, quests are bland, world felt empty with long stretched of nothing. Monsters were uninspired. Hacks, gold spam, tons of griefers (this was before the creation of a PVE only server, before y’all jump at me).

    But its biggest sin..the stamina system. Without the bonuses from the stamina system things slowed to a crawl; it was clearly designed with the stamina system in mind and to milk players for it who didn’t want to spend forever to get anywhere.

    I can respect XP boosters..I’ve seen it in tons of games. But those games usually had solid BASE experience and you’d get the XP boosters to go MORE quickly..instead of having bad base XP and having solid XP only when you have said bonuses. Rappelz is just god awful and I’m seriously surprised that this game is still alive. Prolly filled with masochists, those who think they’re so bad by grinding their lives away, or just people who are clueless/too stubborn to open their eyes and see better options.

    My two cents.

  2. I spent less time playing this game, than I did downloading and installing it.

    Quite the education on F2P and Euro/Asian games back then. Very eye opening I tells ya.

  3. HAhah I love mmobomb for this. They outright hate this game. If you dig in the archives or were around when they covered this game, especially the last major update…such agrivated anger LOL! And well…they have reason to be. Horrible crap game with bad elements not fixed since launch combined with the shadiest of direction (MMobomb specifically no liking the way management went with hacks and poor content roll out).
    These GMs are super shady as well. They are manipulating things (not in a good way) for pure theft and bad service… This game is mostly financed on the eastern side of this planet, and the west is the abused red head soulless ginger child.

    • shut up , go awaay with your rage because you can’t tame a blue pix ¬¬
      Rappelz is awesome to play with friends , alone is hard


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