Prepare the hunt for monsters and powerful rewards with the official launch of Rappelz Epic VII: Reanimation! Tame the wild Lydian lion as your newest fearsome pet and tackle enemies together in the deadly Master Class dungeon, The Labyrinth.

The Lydian, once just a stylish lion mount, can now be tamed to battle alongside their masters in full on combat. A diverse set of skills lends this companion powerful attacks while also making them hardy tanks for dicey situations. Call on him to charge into enemies with the Pounce attack, or paralyze them with fear with the deafening Lion Roar.  His most useful ability, the Unity Skill, passively enables him and the player to ignore part of the enemies’ defenses to deal massive damage!

A primeval magic energy has returned to the world, and the Stone Golems are anxious to devour it and absorb its ancient power.  If they succeed, they will grow powerful beyond imagining, so it’s up to Master Class players to purge them and their three ancient dungeon guardians before they begin to take over the world! Those ready to slay these faceless golems will find tremendous rewards like Salvation Earrings or Darkmoon Amulets. Adventurers can also seek out the new series of legendary armor sets, stronger than any that came before, which have been scattered across the world in the most perilous dungeons.

While players seek these mystical items, new and exciting events kick off today that will reward everyone with numerous perks:

Feel the Power – Players up to level 100 can gain three buffs from a special event NPC that increases their movement speed, prevents stamina loss, and increases many of their basic attributes for two hours.
It’s Time to Gear Up – Rent a super-charged item from town NPCs for 15 days.  Perfect for low level players looking for that extra boost!
A Fistful of Medals – Master Class players exploring the new Labyrinth dungeon must defeat each ancient boss for medals that can be exchanged for exclusive items.

Snag up all these great rewards and check out all of the exciting features of Reanimation by visiting the official website.



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