Rappelz’s Trials Of Devildom Update Will Add 30 Room Dungeon


WEBZEN announced the official launch date for Rappelz Epic 9.5 update today. The update, which will introduce a bevy of new features and content to the game, is slated to launch on September 12.

One of the biggest pieces of content being added with this update is the new instanced dungeon, Devildom. Featuring 3 stages and 30 rooms, the dungeon is billed as the “most challenging… to date.” It’s reportedly designed to encourage solo players to group up in order to get in on the action.

The dungeon rewards players with Refined Crystals that can be traded in for Nusylite’s Armor, a golden level-175 armor that is upgradable when players hit level 185.

As noted by the developers, this content is for high-level players, but they are also adding features to make it easier for players to reach end game. These include an XP increase, a drop rework, and the ability to have multiple accounts open at once to facilitate trading with secondary accounts.

Additional details on the update are available on the Rappelz site.


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