The season is already underway and Allods Online players are hacking and slashing their way through the latest update and the game’s new rated PvP. The “Thunder of Victory” update has added in new Allods, the next chapter to the “Ferris” raid adventure, and the Arena of Heroes.

Teams of 3 or 6 can square off against each other in rated combat in one of three maps. Each map has a different layout so players are encouraged to try out various strategies on each map. Players are assigned an individual battle rating based on their performance in each match and the matchmaking tool uses those ratings to try and build teams of similar ratings for combat. Since only level 65 players can take part in the combat though, be careful if you find yourself matched up against a much weaker team. A loss to them will impact your rating greatly.

You won’t have to worry about points or anything once in combat though. Simply destroy the other team and you win. If 20 minutes goes by and a team hasn’t been defeated the match is a draw. Season champions will earn new costumes and titles in the free to play MMORPG.

Check out the full details here.

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