In a rare twist, a highly anticipated Korean title will be available in the EU before NA. Fresh off the heels of approval from the Steam’s Greenlight program, Gunz 2: The Second Duel is headed for release in Europe thanks to publisher ProSiebenSat.1 Games. The skill-based third person shooter will of course be free-to-play and will start its closed beta shortly. If you are interested in signing up be sure to check out the official European page here, for the latest beta info.

As for all of us non-European players, the sequel to the popular acrobatic shooter will be available, in North and South America only, through Steam sometime in the near future.

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  1. Gunz … I remember when IJJI had this game … so many people with hacks .. probably even the devs hacked …

    Would not recommend gunz ever.. better games out there but do not choose gunz for your long term mmorpg gaming…

  2. here is a good part u can use proxy to get ip for europe and play:P
    so dont cry
    gous bouth way when we want a game from usa we use proxy :DDD

  3. I can’t say this is all that exciting for me. The first one was only known at all for k-style which was more or less only possible because of all the bugs and glitches the game had that could be exploited, Something tells me this will fall short of expectations since that was never intended to exist and without it the game would have gotten boring fast.

  4. For those that need to hack it goes to show 100% that is the only way they can get anywhere in the game ofc people will say no its cus its fun or cos i can lmfao.

    • If you needed what was essentially an exploit in the game’s design for Gunz to be Gunz, perhaps the game was never for you. It was never meant to be played that way.

      • But k-style is the “feature” that made Gunz shine. It made the game more challenging and fun. Without it the game probably became just another f2p junk.

        • K-style is not a feature. It was discovered as a result of being able to interrupt actions mid-animation. The devs confirmed that it was an oversight in the game’s design. A feature of the game is something that is not only intended but promoted. This is not a feature. It is an exploit. This is fact.

          K-style drew people’s attention but had a largely negative result on the game as a whole–other “styles” were invented out of necessity because if you did not k-style you could not beat people who did. The game devolved from being a third person f2p shooter with a relatively low entry barrier into being forced to learn a style or get demolished.

          Honestly? I’d have prefered that it because “f2p junk” as you put it because the game would’ve kept its integrity. I will reiterate the fact–K-style was not a “feature”. It was discovered through exploiting the game’s design. No hacks. Hacks are exploits, yes but are done through modifying the game’s coding through the use of injected data.

          Exploits however by definition : “An exploit, in video games, is the use of a bug or glitches, rates, hit boxes, or speed, etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game’s designers. ” In this case k-style was most definitely an exploit and, as I mentioned prior, was NOT intended by the designers. The fact is they let it fly because too many people were getting on the bandwagon and fixing it wouldn’t be good for $$$.

  5. “As for all of us non-European players, the sequel to the popular acrobatic shooter will be available, in North and South America only, through Steam sometime in the near future.”

    I hope you get a chance to read this, but MAIET announced more countries, covering most of the Middle East excluding Turkey and one other which I forgot and also Australia I believe. You can find it in one of their announcements on the Steam greenlight page.

  6. I CANT BELIEVE IT THIS WILL BE AWSUM ANOTHER GUNZ I really hope it not gonna be a hak fest with the new company here :I

    • To quote a specific Billy Bob Thornton line in Bad Santa : “Wish in one hand, shit in the other and see which one fills up first.”

      Gunz devolved into a hackfest and let’s be realistic here — They’ll move to Gunz 2 the moment they’re able to figure out how to hack and exploit in that. It’s not a question of “If” so much as “When”.

  7. Well considering what they did with S4 League, it’s only natural that they want to get this out as soon as possible. With almost all their other games shutting down, and S4 being their cash cow, they want another one, and this will probably be it.

    They ruined one good shooter, now they will ruin another one. I feel sorry for all of the EU players. Maybe they won’t ruin this one, but I find it hard to believe.

      • “I feel sorry for all the EU players, Maybe they won’t ruin this one, but I find it hard to believe”

        Your question doesn’t even make sense mate.

        @Aures, I agree ProSiebenSat is using S4 League as a cash cow, but if I had to defend them (which I wouldn’t want to do, anyway) I would say the way S4 League uses it’s cash component ins’t really that much “F2P Friendly” to begin with. At least it’s not also on Alaplaya’s hands.

        • True. A lot of it is on GameON (previously Pentavision) in Korea. The fact that they even have things like cash shop exclusive weapons that completely unbalance the game is rediculous in and of itself.

          But back to ProSieBenSat, they are completely out to just make money regardless of what their community wants. Take for example something called a Super Capsule that was implemented for a limited amount of time in the game. It gave a guaranteed permanent costume set. In South Korea it cost aroun 8,000 cash shop currency I believe. When it came to the European version of the game, they charged a whoping 30,000 cash shop points. That is rediculous and really shows what their main purpose is.

          Also, they mainly only have events for cash shop users, forgetting about any other users. I realize money keeps the game running, but it’s rediculous how shortsighted they are. Most people know that doing what your community would like and having good deals, will actually net you more money. It’s not like they have to use raw materials to make these items. They are virtual and they can charge whatever they want. Really does show you where their mindset is.

          I’ve played Gunz 2 in the beta in Korea. It’s a pretty good game. But I’ve yet to see their cash shop, so I can only hope it is nothing too pay to win that P7S1 can exploit.

          • I personally didn’t mind people who used it.

            What I did mind was people yelling at me for shooting them in the head with my assault rifle while they tried to butterfly around.


            If it puts multiple bullets in you at a good range, I consider that a real gun.

    • Alaplaya has a tendency of taking a good game and destroying it by aggressively slapping players with “HEY USE THE CASH SHOP” tactics. Almost, if not all games by them become pay to win and they don’t give a damn about balance or bug fixing.

      • I thought it was them practically supporting hackers. But hey if you wanna blame the cash shop for why there games are dieing go right ahead.


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