Classic anime Record of Lodoss War is getting the MMORPG treatment, courtesy of Korean developer L&K Logic. How does it look? Like your typical Korean action RPG with an isometric view. There are four basic categories of characters — warrior, priest, wizard, and thief — each with three subclasses. The object of the game appears to be to make many large numbers appear.

The launch is coming on April 6. You can get a head start by downloading the client — as well as learn about all 16 equipment slots and the Adventurer’s Association, where you can advance your character, enter dungeons, and form a guild — from the game’s website.


  1. if they’re gonna make a game based on something popular then put som damn effort in it the gameplay looks like a browser game.

    • Sadly, this doesn’t just look like a browser game, it plays like one too. Connection problems (lag, teleportation, rubberbanding), choppy animations, unengaging combat, all the “good” stuff one would expect from a poor browser game. A nostalgia trip utterly ruined in other words. Too bad. Could have been a nice grindy side-game if it was more like Tree of Savior or MU Legend.

  2. O________O
    I’m speechless. Didn’t expect to ever see a Record of Lodoss War MMORPG, especially not in English. And from Korean developers too. Curiouser and curiouser.


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