Was it fate that Crytek would one day make their own MOBA called Arena of Fate? Only the MOBA gods truly know. What we do know though, is that Crytek’s released the very first gameplay trailer for AoF, as narrated by Red Riding Hood, who also happens to be one of AOF’s playable fairy tale heroes. Twas fate I say!

As explained in the video, Arena of Fate separates itself from other MOBA’s by imposing a time limit. If you don’t kill the enemy team’s base/nexus/important thing within 20 minutes, a victor is determined based on each teams ‘score’. As you might expect, points are scored by destroying different structural objectives and earning kills – both against the enemy and neutral monsters. You can even win before the timer ends by earning 10 points outright.

With only 20 minutes, that doesn’t leave you much time to buy items, thus AoF has done away with them. Instead, when a hero levels up in AoF they may choose an upgrade while on the go.

Other upcoming MOBAs like Heroes of the Storm and Deadbreed have also incorporated time saving mechanics to push the MOBA genre towards shorter matches. What are your thoughts on imposing time limits in MOBAs? Let us know.

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  1. I hope Crytek understands the first step to making a successful game is making their game accessible and avoiding the trap that Dota 2 had taken when it was first created. Dota 2 would have probably been the most successful “MOBA” style game if it was not for the fundamental flaw that the game could not run on low end machines. League of Legends got that right from the very beginning, although the game did not look very stunning when it was first released the gameplay was what made League of Legends successful. This goes back to the statement “graphics do not make games, game play does.” Due to the success of League they used their success to update the graphics of the game further making the game great. [Personal comment, if gamers play games just for graphics, they are shallow similar to how in real life some people only like people for their looks instead of their character, which in this case is the gameplay of a game]

    Unless Crytek tunes their engine to perform on a wide variety of systems they have already set themselves up for a very small market and are directly competing against other games like Dota 2.

    In addition what innovations will Crytek improve over the genre? How will they make money? What makes this game fun to play? And other questions.

    Dota 2, Heroes of Newerth and the upcoming game Strife all give players access to all their champions and heroes making any possibility for Crytek to sell their heroes and champions very hard. League of Legends offers probably one of the most important aspects in the industry that many companies seem to neglect, a high quality game that runs on some of the oldest and slowest computers to date.

    For many other reasons Crytek has to make this game good or else this is another “lets mimic the success of League of Legends and Dota 2.” It is not that easy companies need to stop thinking if they make a MOBA it will be successful because of the popularity of the genre. They have to try really hard to make a game that not only feels good like League of Legends or Dota but it also has to have many good points to play.

    Dota 2 offers modding tools to the community which allow the community to control their game and what future content they put in. On the other hand League of Legends that offers one of the most highest production value games for free that runs on the slowest computer and looks visually appealing.

    Dota 2 has some of the cheapest market items in any MOBA game for items going as low as 1$ for a whole skin or set and even free if you get lucky. League of Legends offers affordable skins but not as affordable as Dota 2 but they have unique personalities and color.

    The list goes on. How will Arena of Date be successful?

  2. I like the Fairy Tale characters and the 20min or less idea, but… what the hell is with Little Red’s voice?

    Eugh…. too cliche.

  3. Sorry but for me it look good,i am 18 year old and so what ? graphics dont make a game,nobodie have already try it why you start cry ? And of course it’s a f2p (i think) like every game they need money so please stop crying when a new game com out,just try it and then you can talk about it,sometimes i look at f2p in steam,they dont look really good but when you try them finally you find them kinda attractiv so pleas stop cry and test game !

  4. ok i like the idea, but no items and 20 minute limit kinda makes it to where you cant turn the game around, so you pretty much have to be on top of it from the beginning

  5. Crytek’s Mission: Create a MOBA with fluent animation and cartoon graphics and time restricted rounds so its not an hour long.

    Crytek’s Primary Mission: Target the children around the world and persuade them to beg the parents for their cards.

    On topic, time limitations are fine. players would probably stressless between games because its shorter. I’m not attracted to this game at all though, I don’t fancy riding hood prancing around, I would rather see Crystal Maiden spinning with her ultimate+bkb.

  6. good items makes good mobas not cool graphics or good lookin heroes.. we are killing that creeps for gettin those amazing items to use. if i finish my build i dont care am i losing or wining

    • I’m not really bashing but, your personality towards moba’s and how you would play them is totally a hit or miss instead of playing as a team. lets compare the two….Profiles statistics that stick to your username because everyone in your team strategize to win ? or do your own thing and build the best items, lose and have them reset every round. I’ll choose 1, because if anyone asks if im a good player, i’ll reply with “just look at my profile braahh”.


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