Remember: The 1st Of Every Month Is PSO2 Day And There's Free Rewards

The monthly event offers players boosts and gifts.

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On the first of every month, Sega is hosting a PSO2 Day event in both OG Phantasy Star Online 2 and PSO2: New Genesis. The event will typically run 36 hours, although the one coming up on September 1 will be 48 hours due to a downtime in the MMORPG that coincides with it.

During these events, players will receive booths and gifts and take part in special tasks. For NGS players, things are broken up between players with an active Premium Set and all players. For the former, a special Boost Event will be enabled offering 20% additional XP and an additional 50% rare drop rate. There will also be special limited tasks for all players.

OG PSO2 players will all get boosts to FUN, XP, rare drop rates, gathering fever occurrence rates, and more. All players will also receive 50 SG and 2 Special Scratch tickets.

As an added bonus, players will want to keep an eye out for the ARKS Rappy, who will appear on these days. They may drop a Rappy Suit Mini: ARKS.

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