The Repopulation Drops Release Trailer & Early Access Date For Fragmented

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

The Repopulation: Fragmented will be releasing on Steam April 26, according to the new Steam release trailer. Aside from showing off some of the gameplay, the trailer highlights some of the game's other features, such as vehicles and base-building. There are also glimpses of some of the mobs players can expect to run into while playing.

At the moment, Fractured still isn't listed on Steam, however backers of The Repopulation can get a key via the backer portal. Anyone else interested in playing will have to wait until it's made available on Steam.

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Renegade 8 years ago
The game looks interesting but the one thing that throws me off are the clunky animations, not sure how the pvp would feel. If someone follows the game and can tell me they plan on polishing the animations a lot to it feels like a smooth action combat game please let me know :)

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