The Repopulation, the upcoming free to play sand box MMORPG from Above and Beyond Technologies, has quite a large patch going into the game today and, mercifully for some of us, the game is receiving a more in depth tutorial to guide new players into the sandbox experience.

Previously, The Repopulation did have a tutorial but it was short, very direct, and player feedback showed that many players were confused when they entered the sandbox world. The new patch adds a larger open area of tutorial goodness and actually caters nicely to those players that need a bit more guidance while still allowing those that want to just “go and figure it out” the ability to do so.

Upon starting, players will be placed in the tutorial area and will still have a short, streamlined “quest” like system to get them started. Once over though, players have a choice: they can embark into the game proper, or, if they need a bit more help getting started, they can stay in the tutorial zone and complete off shoot side quest type objectives to learn more about The Repopulation. It’s a nice compromise in my book.

Check out the rather lengthy patch notes, too. UI fixes, balances, changes, additions, the patch notes just seem to go on forever!

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  1. Man I wanted this game to be the swg clone it claims to be so bad, but I really struggle to call it a swg clone. Coming from a 10 year swg vet, this game is nothing like swg im afraid to say.

    That does not mean its not a good game, its just nothing like the interplanetary experience one felt on swg. I could climb the peak of every mountain / hill on swg. On this game you would be lucky to get 8ft up a hill before what seems like an invisible wall stops you, its not a wall the character just cant get up hills.. =p.
    The world map doesnt seem that open every area seems segregated and funneled down canyon type areas whith huge hills on either side of you that you cant climb… world pvp? enjoy.

    I really hope divergence online can deliver a better swg clone than repopulation, I think what happened with repopulation is they created a crafters paradise and forgot about combat.
    I dont even want to start on repopulations combat, ill just say this….Most people that dont play The Secret World, do not play it because of shit animations etc. Well on repopulation not only do you have shit animations but the sounds have to be some of the worst ive ever heard in a game.
    The jump is well………………………………………………………(I think thats enough dots).

    Im trying my best not to take a dump all over repopulation, I do actually enjoy the game and think its good enough to have a seat in the top 10 sandboxes (although there aint that many).


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