Moving ever closer to actually launching, Above and Beyond Technologies is taking a huge leap with their PvP system when they take The Repopulation to PAX Prime this year. You may already know that the free to play game is more sandbox than theme park, giving players the ability to create, explore, and basically play the game (and be able to advance) in many different ways.One thing that has always been talked about was the idea of Siege style PvP. With players building cities themselves in game, it makes sense that PvP should have some aspect of being able to take over those cities. The Repopulation is going to let you do just that with Siege PvP and will give you your first hands on demo of the system at this year’s PAX Prime.

Siege PvP allows players of one nation to band together to try and take over a rival or competing city. The resource cost to attempt this is HUGE so don’t expect the map to be full of Sieges all the time. This 3 day battle will feature weapons, mechs, combat, stealth, basically everything you would want to use to try and take over another city. Succeed and the city and its resources become part of your nation, fail and you just wasted a TON of resources.

Also coming to The Repopulation is a new PvP engagement where the game’s three factions fight for control of a fort in a contested region called Shattered Heights. Members of the faction that successfully seizes control of the fort will gain exclusive access to vendors, missions, resources and a cloning facilities located within the fort’s walls that allows the victorious faction to respawn in the base.

For more information, check out the game’s site.

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  1. one of my worst early access games, they say in the video you can explore but I never came across any Points of interest like swg had.

    They have a lot of work to do in my opinion, crafting…fine w/e its ok, but animations, sound effects and gameplay is poor for a game thats supposed to launch soon. SWG had great sound effects gameplay and ofcourse timeless music.

    For a free game it will be ok for most and interesting enough to keep playing. I will assume a year after launch it will be a fleshed out game.

    • It’s not complete garbage it’s like 97% garbage okay who am I kidding it’s completely garbage it hurts to try to play it.


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